Gwen Stefani Warned About Going Bald But Singer Allegedly Refuses To Stop Bleaching Her Hair, Insider Claims


Is Gwen Stefani worried she’s going bald? One tabloid claims the pop star’s constant bleaching has done serious damage to her hair. Here’s what we know about Stefani’s hair loss crisis.

Gwen Stefani ‘Facing The Bald Truth’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Gwen Stefani’s paying the price for her platinum locks. As anyone that’s ever tried to lighten their hair can attest, it’s a grueling process that can leave your ‘do seriously damaged. And sources say that’s exactly what’s happened to Stefani. “There are literally bald patches on her scalp from all the coloring and heat styling,” an insider dishes. “She wears extensions and toppers to conceal it, and she doesn’t even let [husband] Blake [Shelton] see her without her wigs on.”

Then, the outlet consults a dermatologist who hasn’t treated Stefani for a bit more insight on scalp damage. “Next to every hair follicle on our body, there is a nerve and a blood vessel that is attached. Hair treatments such as dying or, even worse, bleaching and perming, expose these structures to chemicals. Over time, there is damage to the nerve and blood vessel and hair loss can [occur].”

But Stefani can’t give up her signature blonde look. “She’s totally obsessed with keeping up her blonde bombshell image,” the tipster confides. “But she’s been warned she won’t have any hair left if she continues damaging it this way.”

Gwen Stefani ‘Eyes Hair Plugs To Fill In Patches’?

While it’s true that extensive bleaching will definitely take a toll on your hair, we can’t pretend to know how severely Gwen Stefani’s scalp has been affected. First of all, we have to acknowledge just how long Stefani has rocked the blonde bombshell look. Stefani has seldom let down her natural brunette hair over the last three decades, so we have to assume she’s got her dye routine down to a science. We are sure she has a professional hairstylist or two taking all of the necessary precautions to protect the singer’s hair.

But more importantly, at the end of the day, it’s Stefani’s hair. It’s obvious that the outlet is just trying to shame Stefani for her looks, and we aren’t buying a word of it. Wigs, extensions, or nothing but natural, she looks absolutely stunning.

Stefani is fully allowed to do whatever she likes with her looks. She’s welcome to keep dying her hair or even shave it all off. The point is, if she decides that her platinum locks are worth the risk, then that’s her choice, and it’s absolutely none of the tabloid’s business.

The Magazine On Gwen Stefani

But we know better than to trust a word the National Enquirer writes about Gwen Stefani. Not long ago, the outlet claimed Stefani and Shelton were on the brink of divorce over their busy schedules. Then the tabloid reported Stefani was competing with Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, to see who would have a baby first. And finally, the publication alleged Shelton and Stefani were headed for a $230 million divorce only a few months after marrying. Obviously, the Enquirer doesn’t have any real insight into Stefan’s personal life.

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