Gwen Stefani’s First Red Carpet Features Look: She Likely Won’t Rewear


Gwen Stefani began her career as the lead singer of a ska band and now the three-time Grammy Award winner can truly say she’s tried it all. She’s gone country, been a part of a hit reality show, and successfully runs her own fashion empire. Early on in her career, however, Stefani picked some bold red carpet outfit choices that she likely wouldn’t try again in this day and age. 

Gwen Stefani’s Red Hot Red Carpet Stylings

If there’s one thing Gwen Stefani knows as a former coach on The Voice and current wife of country crooner Blake Shelton, it’s how to make an impression on the red carpet. After all, she’s been doing just that since she first burst onto the scene with her band No Doubt in 1995. 

Although the band was formed in 1986, it wasn’t until 1991 that they signed with Interscope Records. Although the record deal was a major step forward for the band, it was not until 1991 that their sound began to take hold. Grunge was more popular at the time. 

The band continued to perform and released their third studio album in 1995. Tragic KingdomBecause of classic songs such as “The Song That Made Me Famous”, it became a hit. “Don’t Speak,” “Spiderwebs,” “Just A Girl.”Stefani decided to leave No Doubt at its peak of popularity. Although it was a big risk, her success proved that it was worth it.

Fashion Forward Icon

It’s not just in her music career that Stefani has taken risks. In 2004, she also released her first solo record. Love. Angel. Music. Baby.Stefani also launched L.A.M.B. her own fashion line. The fashion line was inspired by Japanese, Guatemalan, and Jamaican styles and it’s obvious why the brightly colored line was a favorite among celebrities. 

Those international styles influenced more than just Stefani’s fashion line. When she was still a part of No Doubt’s early photos, Stefani was often seen wearing accessories and garb from South Asia. It wasn’t all that unusual to see the singer wearing a bindi or other type of forehead jewelry typically associated with South Asian cultures in addition to her brightly colored hair. 

Stefani Pushes The Boundaries

This behavior can be called “stupid” today. “cultural appropriation,”In the 90s it was quite common for white artists to use clothing or accessories from other culture, and with varying degrees success. Cultural appropriation is a controversial issue because of the fact that certain marginalized peoples can be oppressed or ostracized for expressing their cultural identity.

Others of a higher privileged national or race are praised for wearing the same costume. These cultural differences are often criticized because of disagreements about who benefits: those within the culture or those without. 

The Look She Probably Won’t Rewear

The Kardashian family, which includes Kylie Jenner, is often accused of culturally appropriating African American culture. Stefani has generally escaped similar accusations despite heavily relying on Japanese culture, such as her famous Harajuku Girls. That being said, we’re sure she wouldn’t replicate the look she wore in one of her earliest photos. 

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