Gymgoer Calls 911 After Getting Stuck Upside Down on Equipment


An embarrassed gymgoer is speaking out after getting stuck upside down on a piece of equipment.

Christine Faulders went to work out with a friend at their 24-hour gym in Ohio. It was 3 a.m., so they were the only two members there. 

She called out for friend Jason, but he was in the next room lifting weights and couldn’t hear her. After hanging upside down for six minutes, she called 911 on her smartwatch.

“I’m stuck in this reverse back decompression thing,” she told the dispatcher. “I think the thing went too far, and I’m just stuck upside down, and I cannot get myself right-side up.”

After 12 long minutes with the blood rushing to her head, cops finally arrived to free her. It took just a couple seconds to get her upright.

“As soon as my feet were back on the ground, I laughed at myself all day long,” Faulders said. 

She had a minor headache afterwards and felt a bit fuzzy, but was OK other than. 

As for getting on the contraption again — “Probably not,” she said.

Faulders says people have been asking why she posted such an embarrassing video, but says sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and move on.

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