Hair Tourniquet Syndrome Dangers: Parents Warn Others After Learning Baby’s Swollen Toe Is a Medical Condition


A Missouri couple was shocked to learn that their infant son’s swollen, bright red toe was actually a medical condition called hair tourniquet syndrome.

Parents Sara and Tony Ward rushed their 5-month-old son Logan to his pediatrician to find out what was wrong with the baby’s toe. 

“There was a line going around the middle of his toe that we could not see a hair or anything wrapped around his toe,” Sara told Inside Edition.

Hair tourniquet syndrome is when a small, sometimes microscopic hair wraps around a body part, usually a toe or finger, cutting off circulation. If left untreated, it can even cause tissue death.

Logan was admitted to the hospital and his parents thought he may have to get surgery.

“How could something that small cause him and cause us such a great deal of distress,” Tony said.

The family was able to get the hair out after using hair removal and numbing cream on the toe. 


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