Halle Berry admits to having a “commitment ceremony” with Van Hunt after being teased about a fake wedding


Halle Berry is currently dating Van Hunt, a musician she is believed to have started dating in 2020.

Halle Berry revealed that she had an affair with a “commitment ceremony”With Van Hunt, her partner – after she raised speculations that they were getting married earlier in the month.

The 55-year old actor is said to be in a relationship now with 51-yearold musician husband, who they met during the Covid pandemic.

In a post shared on social media, the Oscar winner, who has two children from other relationships, teased fans that Hunt was her husband in January.

Berry shared a photo with the Grammy Award winner at one end of an aisle and wrote: “well … IT’S OFFICIAL.”

Fans and celebrities sent a multitude of messages of congratulations to the couple. The couple was also featured in a selfie on the post, which read: “It’s 2022!”

Berry wrote: “We were just having some New Year’s Day fun. People clearly don’t swipe as much as we thought they did. Thank you for the well wishes tho’.”

While she might not have married Hunt, the X Men star now says that she and Hunt have had a baby. “commitment ceremony,”Maceo Martinez, her son, was the leader of the group.

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Berry, who has a son with ex Olivier Martinez (56), spoke about the ceremony with AARPMagazine, she told the outlet that it was an emotionally charged experience for Hunt and her.

She said: “My son, Maceo, of his own volition did this little commitment ceremony for us in the back seat of the car. I think he finally sees me happy, and it’s infectious.”

Monster’s Ball actor, Sheryl Crowe, stated that her son was performing the ceremony to approve of their relationship. She added that it was a “remarkable event.” “very real moment”This is for the entire family.

Berry added: “I teared up, Van was fighting back tears.”She claimed that Maceo knew that he had “said something poignant.”

Catwoman star, who is a mother to a daughter from a past relationship, noted that she has two children. “two different fathers”Hunt also has a son from an earlier relationship.

She stated: “As a mom living this modern, blended family, all I care about is that my kids are OK with the decisions I’m making.”

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