Halloween Candy: List of the Top 30


Although Halloween is only a few weeks away it’s not too late to start planning. The American people face a difficult choice each year: stick with their candy favorites or find new options. This list contains the top 30 Halloween candy that you can give to trick-or-treaters this October 31st. To ensure that you have enough leftovers for November 1, you might want to purchase extra bags.

Scroll down to find out the top Halloween candies. We did include some of the old favorites, like Dum-Dum lollipops and M&M’s, as well as a few unexpected picks. You won’t be the only one on the block that gives away toothbrushes. 


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30. Almond Joy/Mounds

Mounds and Almond Joy go hand in hand. There aren’t many people who love coconuts, so it is unlikely that they will be eaten by everyone.

29. Blow Pops

Blow Pops can be weird. Bubble gum is the best option if you don’t want to eat the lollipop. If you do want a lollipop with gum inside, then why not just get bubble gum?

28. Jolly Rancher

Jolly Ranchers have a fruity flavor, but can also pose a choking hazard.

27. Milk Duds

Milk Duds will help you remove a damaged tooth. These will give your jaw the exercise it needs.



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26. Milky Way

Milky Way squares can be hard to avoid on Halloween, but they aren’t that bad. They aren’t very exciting. There isn’t any crunch.

25. Haribo Gummies

Haribo Gummies come in many sizes and shapes. They are well-known for being bear-shaped, but they can also be made into dinosaur-shaped gummies. Many of these fun shapes are unfortunately not available in fun-size packages.

24. Skittles

Skittles provide the sweet sugar rush that you desire. You can chew them for a while.




23. Payday

What is wrong with some nuts and caramel stuck to the slab? No. It should not be frozen.

22. Junior Mints

Junior Mints taste great, as long you don’t eat the mints in an operating area. Full-size York Peppermint Patties are available if you prefer a larger mint.

21. Dum-Dums

Dum-Dums remain a favorite Halloween snack. You should make sure that you get a root-beer-flavored one.




20. Tootsie Pops

Tootsie Pops are a Halloween tradition that is not to be missed. They’re really delicious, especially the chocolate-flavor variety. After you have finished with a chocolate lollipop you will get a Tootsie Roll.

19. Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces can be good, but they are not a substitute for real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Without chocolate, they can also be bland.

18. Nestle Crunch

Nestle Crunch bars are a great alternative to plain chocolate candy bars. It’s a classic but not an exciting choice.



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17. 100 Grand

The 100 Grand, a great tasting and underrated snack bar, is not expensive at $100,000. A 100 Grand Crunch bar with caramel inside is a better choice than a plain Crunch bar.

16. Twix

Twix is another caramel-based dessert that adds cookies to your mix. You can get the peanut butter variety for an additional 10 points. It’s great fun and delicious to try eating the peanut butter or caramel before the cookie.

15. Mr. Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar has a lot more nuts. It’s a shame Hershey’s doesn’t make large bags of Mr. Goodbar pieces.

14. Starbursts

Starbursts is the best-selling chewy, fruit-flavored candy. You can chew one square for quite a while, and they are delicious.



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13. Heath

The Heath bar is one such candy that seems to be more readily available on Halloween than at any other time. Toffee gives Halloween a special flavor.

12. Tootsie Rolls

The Tootsie roll is a classic. Tootsie Roll makes flavored Tootsie Rolls but nothing beats the original.

11. M&M’s

M&M’s are a classic and are great on their own. You can make it even more creative by putting them in cookies.



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10. Flavored M&M’s

There are so many other M&M’s flavors now, including the classic peanut and peanut butter. These other flavors can be used to surprise trick-or treaters.

9. Twizzlers

Twizzlers are the ultimate Halloween candy. They taste just like real strawberries and are very delicious. They are also easy to eat while on the move, which is a requirement for any great Halloween candy.

8. Whoppers

This is a personal choice, since many might overlook Whoppers. Malt tastes like soda jerks.



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7. Snickers

Did you notice how Milky Ways lack crunch? You can make Snickers by adding peanuts. This is why celebrity-starring ads are so appealing.

6. Butterfinger

Butterfinger are perfection. It’s like peanut butter-flavored chocolate shavings, crammed into chocolate.

5. KitKat

Another Halloween staple is the KitKat. You can find milk chocolate inside with sugary wafers. It is a popular choice all around the globe.

4. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bar

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate (or any Dark Chocolate) can be a delicious Halloween candy. It is an overlooked part of Hershey’s chocolate mix bags.



(Photo: The Hershey Company).

3. Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

Another candy that you can’t go wrong is the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. Hershey’s has also introduced several different flavors, including Cookies & Cream, which add some unique flavor to the treats.

2. Candy Corn

Candy Corn is a Halloween favorite. Some people love it, while others enjoy it. It is really It is disgusting. While some people like it, I think it should be avoided outside of Halloween. In this case, extra flavor is not necessary.

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

It’s the best. Peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. For a brief burst of sugar-coated bliss, you don’t need anything else. Hershey’s now makes peanut butter cups with Reese’s Pieces inside, but it seems outrageous.


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