Halloween-loving couple asked to remove any spooky displays that could be offensive


One family’s Halloween decorations were so disturbing that the police were summoned to their home. “tone it down”.

Jo Flower, 37, and Rob, 48, adjust the decorations in their Rothley home to reflect the season, whether it is Christmas, Easter, or Halloween.

The display lights up at night to transform their garden and home into a haunted house. Leicestershire Live – Reports.

Even though they have never had any problems in the past, this year’s cops said it was too much.

JoLeicestershire Live: “We do it every single year, except last year, without any problems.

Spooky house
Children in the neighborhood look forward to the opportunity to visit the house.

“We’ve had amazing feedback this year – kids come to visit to get sweets and nurseries have come along to take pictures.

“Our nephews love it as much as we do.”

The couple were not at home the first time officers came round, but a few days later, when Rob was outside adding more props, they turned up again.

“Officers stated that they received an anonymous tip and asked us for help. But it’s right in our front garden.” Jo said.

“It’s not clear why, but police said that one of those headless mannequins could be offensive.

Spooky house
Every year, the family decorates its home with a particular theme

Jo stated that some people were asking Jo when the next Halloween spectacle would be put up after they had missed the decorations.

It’s been part of the Flower family tradition since years. This year Rob and Jo will raise money for Cancer Research.

Jo was told by her doctor that she had precancerous tumors in her uterus. She underwent a hysterectomy just two weeks prior.

According to the mother-of-2, she is happy despite recent surgery. “keeping well”He was given the “all-clear”.

Tragically, her mother died in 2018 after being diagnosed as having cancer.

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“We decided that this year we would raise money for Cancer Research and raise some awareness,”Jo said.

A fundraising page created by Jo and Rob has raised more than £200 so far.

Donate to the couple’s fundraising page Here.