Halsey Responds To Lawsuit Founded by Fired Nanny


Halsey’s former nanny is suing the singer over her firing, but the Grammy-nominated artist says it was in response to the nanny’s potential harm to Halsey’s child. Ashley Funches claims that she was fired because she asked for overtime compensation and took time off to attend to a medical emergency. She is also suing the performer as discrimination and retaliation.

TMZ reports that a representative for Halsey told the outlet on June 9, “These allegations are baseless. This individual’s employment was recently terminated in response to specific incidents in which Halsey’s infant was left unsupervised in an unsafe location while under the nanny’s care, and it was discovered the nanny was intoxicated while the child was in her care.”

The statement continued: “Furthermore, at no time during this individual’s term of employment with Halsey were any complaints even raised. Consequently, while Halsey is both saddened and disappointed by this turn of events, they feel it is important to refute these allegations publicly, as they take ableism and ethical working conditions very seriously.”

The Blast reports that Funches claimed in legal documents that Halsey violated the law by terminating her employment after taking time off following an emergency medical procedure. Ender, Halsey’s son, was born by Alev Aydin, their boyfriend. Halsey Music hired her last year to be their personal attendant once the baby was born.

Her duties included cooking meals, washing laundry, cleaning breast pumps materials, organizing the nursery and running errands if necessary. She also received an annual salary and was paid every week. Funches claimed she was a widower. “worked around the clock”You can use it for many days “little or no…rest”Throughout her career for the “Closer” artist.

After complaining to her employers about not receiving overtime compensation, the nanny was paid $5,000. However, she wasn’t informed why or how she would get it. Halsey fired her just days after she sent Halsey a text saying she needed to miss several days due to a health procedure.

Funches stated that she believed the termination was motivated because of her past mentions about overtime compensation. In addition, she claimed that Halsey had violated labor laws when she fired her nanny following her medical procedure. Funches’ lawyers claim that Halsey fired her babysitter in an a “deliberate, cold, callous, fraudulent, and intentional manner in order to injure and damage [Funches] with a conscious disregard of her rights.”

They also stated that “as a direct and proximate cause of the aforementioned violations, [Funches] has suffered, and continues to suffer, substantial losses related to the use and enjoyment of such wages and lost interest in such wages.” Funches has also filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing alleging that he was discriminated against.