Halsey shares how they’re preparing for a tour amid illness


Though knee-deep in rehearsals, Halsey emphasized that they’re still making adjustments. “I changed the set list yesterday. I like swapped a bunch of stuff around and added a bunch of songs,” they said, encouraging followers to send messages about what they want to hear because “it’s not too late.” 

The “Without Me” artist added, “I’ll pull a fast one. I’ll just change it last minute. That’s what I do.” 

It is important to remember that It isAre you sure that this is the end of it? Warning for parents:

“If you are bringing a young child to the show, consider this me telling you maybe to not,”Halsey said so. “If you’re bringing a medium child to the show or a young teenager, that’s cool. They’re gonna love it. But young, young children, probably not the vibe.” 

The tour is slated to conclude in September after trips to Turkey, Poland, Japan and more countries.

Halsey is a name that’s known for being persistent. In the past, they attended the 2022 Grammys three days after surgery and PerformingFor a Super Bowl Pre-Party in February, with a taped-up foot from another injury. The show must continue.