Hank Williams Jr.’s Friends Worried about Singer’s Health Following a Series of Family Tragedies, Anonymous Source Claims


Is it? Hank Williams Jr.Are you in danger of falling apart? According to one report, friends fear for their health after a string family tragedy. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Haunted Hank On The Brink!’

The following is the National EnquirerWilliams is still struggling to deal with the loss of Mary Jane Thomas, his wife. His daughter was also killed in a car accident two years ago. Williams’ son Sam is calling for the end of his conservatorship. According to a source, Hank Williams’ friends now fear that his misfortune will cause him to abandon the wagon.

An anonymous friend tells me: “Hank has struggled to be strong for his family, but Mary Jane was always able to keep him on the straight and narrow.” With all this family drama, he could backslide, the source warns, pointing to Hank Williams’ history of drug abuse that dates back to the 1970s. The friend said, “Seeing his family crumble down around him makes people worry he will unravel again.”

Hank Williams Jr. Okay?

This story doesn’t bother to present any evidence one way or another about Hank Williams’ well-being. It’s simply filled with stories of the tragedies in the life of the singer, even mentioning the death of Hank Williams Sr. in 1953. He’s a man mourning the death of his wife, and he deserves to mourn in peace.

There’s just no reason for this story to exist. In a kind world, you wouldn’t see tabloids profiting off Williams’ drug abuse after the death of a loved one. He’s a pretty private person, and the Inquirehas no access. Just a few months ago, it claimed Williams and Thomas were on the verge of divorce over their son’s conservatorship.

Suddenly, the tabloid credits Thomas as the sole reason for Hank Williams’ sobriety. The story of Divorce is not mentioned. There isn’t a world where these two stories can co-exist. They only exist in the first place to make money off Williams’ pain. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

Other Addiction Stories

The InquireIn its stories, addiction is a constant theme. Every recovering addict is at risk of relapse, according to the book. Robert Downey Jr. was predicted to relapse after losing him father. Kelly Osbourne, on the other hand, would relapse because her mother was fired. The Talk. Any time there’s any bit of hardship, this tabloid says someone will fall off.

Gossip CopIt is clear that Hank Williams Jr., who has lost his wife, is in deep pain. Our sympathies to him and his loved ones. This tabloid must be ashamed.

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