Hannah Selleck’s Daughter Hannah Stuns in Leggy Photoshoot in Spain


Hannah Selleck Former TV icon Tom Selleck’sDaughter, everyone knows Tom Selleck had a mustache like no other, so it’s only natural that his genes are amazing. His stunning daughter Hannah made this clear in a photo she posted to social media. In one fell swoop, it seemed she finally stepped out of the shadow of that stunning mustache’s legacy. It was a feat that most would consider impossible.

Dirty Riding

When you often see celebrity children, you often find them living off their parents’ former accomplishments while seemingly accomplishing very little themselves. Hannah Selleck is a different story. This woman is a star in talent and ambition.

She has devoted her life to horses and made it a successful career. She has her own horse and jumps at Grand Prix level. Breeding operationL.A., which is extremely successful.

No more horsing around

Hannah Selleck clearly wants her reputation to be one of her talents and not her beauty. However, beauty is something she could easily rely on.

She can turn heads on horseback but she is also capable of doing it while her feet are planted on the ground.

Good Genes Are a Cheat Code

Truth is, Tom Selleck was a sex symbol in the ’70s and ’80s, bringing in huge numbers weekly on his show Magnum P.(which now has an update). Hannah Selleck is an example of beautiful parents who make beautiful children.

Hannah looks stunning in a golden, form-fitting dress set against a backdrop in Spain. She seems to have embraced her good genes and decided to look glam, which was noticed by the rest of the world.

Jumping horses and making hearts skip one beat. This woman is a true force in nature.

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