Harmony Montgomery Was Likely Murdered Soon After She Disappeared in 2019. There are no remains. Attorney General


Harmony Montgomery, a 5-year-old New Hampshire girl who disappeared in late 2019 is suspected to have been killed shortly after her disappearance, authorities announced on Thursday.

Neu “biological evidence”The investigation led investigators to the “tragic conclusion,” although the girl’s remains have not been located, Attorney General John Formella said at a press conference.

The investigation is ongoing and no suspects have been named.

Harmony’s case received national attention in late 2021, when she was reported missing by her mother two years after she was last seen. At the time, Harmony’s mother didn’t have custody. 

Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father was arrested for assaulting the girl in January. An arrest document stated that Montgomery once boasted about having a child. “bashed [Harmony] around this house”And “gave her a black eye.”He pleaded not guilty for the assault charge.

Adam Montgomery has not been charged in Harmony’s disappearance or death.

Investigators searched the Manchester apartment where the girl lived two months ago. The girls were seen allegedly carrying a large refrigerator and other items from their apartment. Boston 25 News reported.

Authorities said that the investigation will now focus on homicide.

“Our commitment to bringing Harmony home has not wavered, nor will it. Bringing Harmony home will continue to be the number one priority of the Manchester Police Department,” Chief Allen Aldenberg said.

Aldenberg closed his statement by asking for anyone with information on the case to contact authorities through the dedicated tip line at (603)203-6060.

“I maintain the stance that there are people out there in the community that have information about this investigation who have yet to come forward. Pay attention to me carefully. If you are that person, I implore you to do so now and come forward,”Aldenberg spoke.