Harry Jowsey is vowing to stay single for the next 3 years


“I’ve just been trying to focus on myself but no bad feelings towards my ex,”He said. “It’s just just when you picture your entire life with someone, and then you hear everything you want to hear and then kind of gets ripped away from you, it really sucks.”

He noted that 28 seems like a good age in which to look for love again. “I just think that when I first came off the show [Too Hot to Handle], I was a bit of a fuck boy.”

He said that his relationship with Georgia (with whom he had split earlier this year) helped him to see the importance of his dating goals.

“After this last relationship, I realized how powerful love is and that feeling just how important is to have one person who’s your best friend and someone that you can lean on and rely on,”Harry continued. “Georgia is such an incredible person and it really made me go okay, like, ‘This is the most fulfilling feeling and the happiest I’ve ever been is in this situation.’ So I want to not spend my energy out on anyone unless I’m dating to marry.”

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