Harry’s new project could “ruin celebrations” and Queen ‘will be rattled”.


One royal commentator stated that Prince Harry’s decision of pursuing his tell-all book could ‘rattle Her Majesty and all her close friends’.

In July, the Duke of Sussex revealed the publication by announcing the following: “intimate and heartfelt”Work would be revealed “the highs and lows”of his life and would be “accurate and wholly truthful”.

However, it could clash with the Queen’s massive Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which will take place in June 2022, and cause serious problems for the already fragile relationships between the Prince and The Firm back at home, according royal expert Daniela Elser.

Announcing the book in July, Prince Harry said he would reveal "the highs and lows" of his life
Prince Harry, who announced the book’s publication in July, said that he would make it public. “the highs and lows”The story of his life

Writing in national paper the New Zealand Herald, Ms Elser commented: “Prince Harry will release his memoir which is all but guaranteed to rock the palace to its foundations and rattle the fillings of the remaining HRHs.”

She also observed that this could also combine with the unfortunate timing of Prince Andrew’s upcoming legal case in the United States — for which he is due to attend court in May, June and July — is likely to increase the chance that the party could be spoiled.

The royal expert wrote: “The Queen will need to be more prominent in the next year in order to prevent the royal brand being submerged by negative press.

The Queen should rest now to prepare herself for 'defending the royal brand' in the tough year ahead, says Ms Elser
Ms Elser says that the Queen should now take some time to rest and prepare for the year ahead.

“Therefore, there is even more reason to keep her tucked away at Windsor right now to recuperate and to rebuild her strength ahead of what is already shaping up to be an arduous and turbulent year.”

Express.co.uk reports that matters could get heated after a spokesperson for Harry stated that Harry didn’t need permission to proceed with the potentially dangerous project at Buckingham Palace.

Penguin Random House is publishing Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir. It is unknown at this time what period of his life the memoir will focus on.

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