Has Amber Heard’s Net Worth Been Impacted By Ongoing Legal Woes?


The ongoing legal battle between ex-spouses Johnny DeppAnd Amber HeardThe couple has been dominating the media for years ever since their 2016 split brought to light allegations that both had suffered domestic violence. The expensive back-and-forth of multiple defamation lawsuits has surely taken a toll on each star’s net worth. How much is Amber Heard likely to lose now that the trial has reached its final stage?

Amber Heard’s Current Net Worth

It can be difficult, even for those heavily invested in the couple’s conflict, to keep track of all the information that is out there, so let’s start with this: As of 2022, Heard is reported to be worth between $8 and 12 million, which while impressive is still a far cry from Depp’s net worth.

In 2016, the couple settled their initial divorce. However, this was before Depp’s $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard for her defamatory 2018 opinion-ed. The Washington Post. 

What to Expect

With the defamation lawsuit finally coming to trial, it’s tough to know what the outcome will be. Of course, if the court rules in Depp’s favor, Heard would essentially be sucked dry. Depp also filed a separate libel suit against Heard. Silver Screen BeatsHe is a great name! “wife-beater,”Depp eventually lost the case late in 2020.

Is public opinion biased against Depp with almost everyone on one side? Heard could face a $100 million judgment if Depp is found guilty. Both stars could lose most, or all of their fortunes in this legal battle. To find out the verdict, we will need to see the rest of the trial.

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