Haunted House Attractions: Are There Sex Offenders?


Haunted houses are a huge attraction for Halloween in the U.S., and people flock to them just for their terror.

You may not have thought about the live actors that provide the thrills and chills. They are generally hidden behind heavy monster makeup.

An Inside Edition investigation revealed that they are also monsters in real-life.

Kim Neubauer claims she found out that her coworker in Columbia Station, Ohio was a registered sexual offender and raped two children.

“It’s very scary to have people like that working around children in the dark,” Neubauer said.

She claims that he was one of two convicted sex offenders who worked in the haunted house. Inside Edition reported that they were fired recently.

Our investigation discovered several convicted sexual predators who worked alongside kids at haunted houses across the country. 

California’s one convict was known as the “name” “Trixter the Clown.”He was a long-time worker at the haunted house. But, in June, he was found guilty of running a sex network and raping 18 girls and women. He has been sentenced for 200 years.

Trixter the Clown was hired by two brothers who call themselves the “Bloodshed Brothers” to creep the halls and scare guests at their hit haunted house, Field of Screams, outside Los Angeles. Their real names are Zach Ball and Jeromy.

At 14, Bree Drumwright worked at the Bloodshed Brothers’ attraction in high school. She believes Zach Ball led her to an empty room in the haunted home for a sexy encounter.

“It still hurts. I wish I could get the closure, but it still hurts,”Drumwright said.

Maddie Estrada also worked for the Bloodshed Brothers.

“They would bring coolers of alcohol, and they would make sure it was sweet stuff, like Mike’s Hard Lemonade or fruity things that would be yummy for kids,” Estrada said.

Estrada, who was 16 years old, claims Zach Ball pressured Estrada into a relationship. He was 24. 

“I was a kid. And just having this abusive man be the only person that I could rely on for advice or comfort — and he didn’t even give that to me,” Estrada said. 

Jeromy Ball didn’t face any charges, but Zach Ball pleaded guilty for sexually abusing a child and is now required to register as an sex offender. After only one day in jail, he was released.

“It’s such a slap in the face to me and all of the other victims,” Estrada said.

As he was walking along the sidewalk, Inside Edition met Zach Ball. He did not respond to questions about the accusations against him. 

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