Have Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Finally Shared Too Much


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are famous for being one of Hollywood’s most TMI couples. From giving details about fights between the couple, to oversharing when it comes to family hygiene, Bell and Shepard always tell all. However, a new story has some wondering if they’ve finally crossed the line. 

Bell Shares A TMI Tale On Shepard’s Podcast

On a recent episode of Shepard’s popular podcast, Armchair Expert, Shepard invited Bell to appear. During their conversation, the actress revealed that the couple’s two daughters — Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 7 — sleep in the same bedroom as their parents. 

Bell shared that “the girls sleep on the floor of our bedroom,” while she and Shepard take the bed. While some of the stories sound sweet (the family watches How It’s Made together before bed), Bell told one story that had some listeners totally grossed out. 

One morning, Bell said she “began to smell a really raunchy smell.” She asked her family if any of them had passed gas. “‘Who’s farting?’ All three of them are like, ‘Sorry, it’s me,’” Bell explained. “So I go, ‘OK, my family has gas, big [deal],” Bell laughed. 

“I wake up in the morning and I go, ‘Wow, nobody’s gas has dissipated, but it also smells like it’s burning.’” Shepard agreed, saying, “I felt guilty because, minimally, I knew I contributed to it and perhaps was the leader of it.”

What Was Causing The Smell?

Bell tried everything to get rid of the smell, opening doors, washing the sheets, and lighting candles, but the odor remained. “That night, I go to bed, I’m like, ‘Does anybody else smell this, like, rotten garbage?’” she laughed. 

While Shepard and Lincoln claimed they couldn’t smell anything, Delta agreed with Bell. The family searched the room for the source of the smell, and when Bell smelled Shepard’s “feet corner” of their mattress, she found it. 

The couple uses an Ooler mattress pad, which uses a water-based system for temperature control. The family realized that, instead of grabbing a cup of water to refill the Ooler mattress pad system, Shepard had used an old protein shake from his nightstand. Bell and Shepard tried to clean the shake remnants out of the mattress pad but ended up having to throw the whole thing away. 

This isn’t the first time the couple has shared personal details that gross people out. The couple made headlines after a joint appearance on The View, when they shared that they “wait for the stink” before bathing their kids. 

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