Have You Heard About Luke Grimes’ Wife, Bianca Rodrigues?


Yellowstone star Luke Grimes’ wife Bianca Rodrigues is one lucky lady. The 25-year-old model from Brazil sometimes features her actor husband on her Instagram page, but the famous couple tends to keep their relationship as private as possible. When they do talk publicly about one another, it’s obvious how in love Grimes and Rodrigues are with each other. 

Who Is Bianca Rodrigues?

Grimes was already a star on the rise when he joined the cast of Yellowstone. He’d starred alongside Bradley Cooper in American Sniper and had become a fan favorite on True Blood. He also appeared in all three Fifty Shades Of Gray films, which helped launch his career to new heights. Despite all these successes, there’s likely nothing that fills Grimes with more pride than his wife. 

Bianca Rodrigues, of course, is more than just Luke Grimes’ wife. She was born in Brazil and often posts on social media using her native tongue of Portuguese. At some point, she made her way to the US where she found work as a model. It’s no wonder that she found success in that career since she’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Her first Instagram photo has a San Francisco geotag and was posted in 2016, so we know she was definitely living in the United States by then. Many of her first photos were taken in various California hotspots like Laguna Beach and Malibu and the beautiful natural vistas were the perfect backdrop for Rodrigues. In the photos, Rodrigues wears everything from dreamy formal wear to saucy bikinis, which shows off her range as a model. 

These days, thanks to her husband’s role as Kayce Dutton, Kevin Costner’s character’s youngest son on Yellowstone, most of Rodrigues’ photos are taken in Montana where he films. Rodrigues’ Instagram account features many photos of the model posing in front of various lovely Montana landscapes. Grimes doesn’t often show up in Rodrigues’ pictures, but when he does, the love between the two spouses is undeniable.

Luke And Bianca Been Married Since 2018

Unlike his wife, Grimes doesn’t have any social media profiles. The American Sniper actor keeps details about his life very private and has avoided speaking about his relationship with his wife publicly. He’s done an admirable job separating his professional persona and life apart from his personal one, which takes a lot of dedication and determination. 

It’s possible that Grimes’ upbringing in Dayton, Ohio is at least partially responsible for his hesitancy to share too many intimate details about his personal life. Grimes’ father was a Pentecostal preacher and led the congregation at Open Bible Christian Church. As a result, Grimes spent many of his formative years in church and in church camps. 

Despite Grimes’ clear reluctance to give out details about his personal life, we can glean quite a lot from his wife’s Instagram page. For starters, we know the couple, who got married on November 21, 2018, enjoy traveling together. In fact, that’s how the two spent a good portion of the pandemic. In August 2020, Rodrigues shared an image of a brown Jeep pickup truck pulling a silver Airstream trailer behind it. 

The vehicles appeared to be off-roading since there was no asphalt or street to be seen. Instead, the car appeared to be driving across a great big, brown plateau with a mountain range visible in the distance. In the caption, Rodrigues wrote, “Sheltering all over the place..” So that’s how the two stayed safe during the early, and most difficult, parts of the pandemic. 

Obviously, the couple enjoys traveling together in their Airstream quite a bit, especially Rodrigues. Earlier this summer, possibly while she and Grimes were in Montana filming for Yellowstone, she posted a photo of herself reclining in bed looking quite cozy under a blanket. She captioned the post, “My happy place #airstream,” which tells us that Rodrigues has a bit of wanderlust in her veins. 

Luke Grimes and Bianca Rodrigues may keep their love on the down-low, but when something shines this brightly, it’s pretty much impossible to hide it. We’ve got to respect the gorgeous duo’s determination to keep their relationship out of the spotlight in order to protect the special connection they clearly share. When something is this precious, you don’t want to let just anyone get their hands on it and sully it.