Hawaiian Monk seal Attacks Woman Who Swam too Close to Her Newborn Pup


A seal was protecting its newborn pup when it attacked a woman swimming in Hawaii.

Video of the monk seal watching an unaware swimmer at Kaimana Beach, Honolulu. 

As she met the animal, the woman seemed to be aware of the danger. The seal attacked her instinctively as she tried to defend herself.

As she attempted to swim away, the seal dragged her down by the mammal. The seal attacked the woman again just as she was about to return to shore.

Locals are familiar with the seal. “Rocky.”She just wanted to protect her pup, having recently given birth.

A warning sign was posted by authorities stating that “Hawaiian monk seal mothers can be aggressive and bite!”

A man in a kayak saw what was happening and rushed to his aid. The swimmer was transported to safety and treated with injuries.

Officials reiterated their warning after the attack and advised swimmers to remain at least 150 feet from the mother seal and her baby for the next several weeks.

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