Hazmat incident in hotel swimming pool sends 16 to hospital in critical condition.


After an incident involving hazardous materials in a hotel pool, 16 people were taken to hospital. Seven others are now in critical condition.

A two-year old girl fell into the water after falling unconscious at the Hampton Inn, Marysville, Ohio.

Before the first 911 call, which was at 5.30 on Saturday, several calls were made reporting people feeling dizzy or burning in their throats.

The authorities quickly arrived and evacuated the hotel, rushing all those affected to the hospital.

Tony Brooks, Marysville Police Chief, stated that an investigation has been launched into the incident to determine if it was caused either by a chemical in a pool or a carbon monoxide leaking.

Hazmat incident in hotel pool sees 16 rushed to hospital with 7 in critical condition
Responders on the scene treated two people, according to reports

Brooks stated, however, that all of those affected were alive and well, and that there was no update on their current condition.

Mike McCarthy, a journalist based in Ohio, tweeted: “At least 16 people have received medical care.

“7 people are in critical health.

“2 people were treated at the scene.

“Others are stable or were patients who came in at Memorial Hospital.”

It has been reported that six of the seven critical patients were taken to Memorial Hospital, with the other one rushed to OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital.

Two of the stable patients were also taken to OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital.

Hazmat incident in hotel pool sees 16 rushed to hospital with 7 in critical condition
Police claim they don’t know why the incident occurred

The ages and genders of the patients cannot be revealed.

Bri Buckley, a local journalist, shared an up-to-date and wrote: “I’m on the scene now and just spoke with the Marysville Police chief.

“He says they still don’t know what caused the incident. If you felt any symptoms after arriving at the hotel today, he advises that you go to the hospital.”

Hazardous materials (hazmat) incidents involve the release of harmful materials into an area where humans could be or are.

Hazards can come in several different forms including radioactive, biological and chemical.

Each hazmat incident is ranked from one to three based on its severity, with three being the most severe and one the least.

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