HBO Lines up Revival of Another Classic Series


HBO is reportedly developing a revival of Six Feet Under, though it has not been officially ordered yet. Sources close to the network told Deadline that the project is being explored slowly and “cautiously,” but fans are already excited nonetheless. Others feel that the series’ ending already worked as it was, and does not need any follow-up.

Six Feet Under was created by Alan Ball, who will reportedly not be writing this perspective revival. The series ran from 2001 to 2005 on HBO with a total of five seasons, and it has only risen in esteem since it has been off the air. That may be why HBO is exploring the possibility of reviving it, but it is not clear what steps have been taken so far. There is reportedly no writer and no firm concept for the story in place, but one script has been commissioned.

Six Feet Under was about the Fisher family, who operated a funeral home in Los Angeles, California. The show explored their personal lives including family drama, romance and friends coming and going – all against the backdrop of a morbid day-to-day job.

Notably, the show starred Michael C. Hall as David Fisher, one of the two brothers to inherit the funeral home from Nate Fisher (Richard Jenkins) when he passed away at the beginning of the series. Hall is currently starring in another successful revival – Dexter: New Blood. The original Dexter aired around the same time as Six Feet Under, so the sight of a successful revival may have helped push this idea into reality.

Six Feet Under was a true ensemble production, however, and it’s not clear if all or any of the main cast members are eager to return. In addition to Hall, the show starred Peter Krause, Jeremy Sisto, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodriguez, Mathew St. Patrick, and Rachel Griffiths.

One of the most recent public comments on a possible Six Feet Under revival came from then-Chairman of WarnerMedia Entertainment Bob Greenblatt. He told Deadline: “I’d love it. I just put up two of the key art posters in my office in the Santa Monica HBO office building, and I’m so proud of that show. I don’t think that’s a show that will probably come back as many people have gone off to other things, but I love working at this company having had that wonderful experience. It cemented in me as a younger executive, how a company should be run and how a talent relationship should happen. It was the most satisfying experience I’ve probably ever had in this business, certainly as a producer. I tried to emulate it at Showtime, I continue to try to emulate it in all the places that I’ve been.”

So far, HBO has not commented publicly on the reports of a revival. The original Six Feet Under is streaming now on HBO Max.

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