HBO Max Names Change. Discovery+ Merger is ahead


Warner Bros. Warner Bros. CNBCAs a result, Max will be merged into the company.

The outlet claims that Warner Bros. The outlet reports that Discovery executives are looking into formalizing the new name prior to the streaming launch in 2023. Max, the new name for the pair of services, is currently being reviewed by lawyers.

This name may not be the final one, but it’s still being used if necessary. The code name is currently being used to prepare the service. “BEAM”Other names are still under discussion. A spokesperson said that discussions are ongoing about the final name.

CNBC says that the final vision of the streaming platform will be similar to Disney+. Brands will be split into separate hubs. HBO Max already uses a similar layout. However, it focuses more on HBO content. The goal of the combined service will be “in large part to address some of the deficiencies of the existing platform,”CNBC.

This is the latest chapter of a turbulent merger between Warner Media and Discovery. David Zaslav, Chief Executive, has led the effort to reduce the huge debt and cut costs. He approved cuts to HBO Max originals and divisions that fall under Warner’s banner. Also, major changes to major properties.

With pricing and other decisions still to come, the new streaming platform will most likely be launched in spring 2023. In an earnings call, Zaslav spoke out about his view on content. “These early green shoots bolster our strategic thesis that the two content offerings work well together and when combined, should drive greater engagement, lower churn and higher customer lifetime value,”He stated.

In recent months, some Discovery content has started appearing on HBO Max. These include specials featuring The Property Brothers as well as other offerings by Chip and Joanna Gaines. CNBC reports that the company hopes to earn $1 billion through streaming by 2025, once the platform is launched.

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