Heartbroken man arrested for leaving handmade flower box at dead fiancee’s grave


Winston Hagans faces charges of criminal littering for leaving his handmade flower box at the grave of his late fiancee’s grave, allegedly causing her dad to report him to the police

A man was arrested for littering after placing a flower box at his deceased fiancee’s grave – after her disapproving dad complained.

Hannah Leigh Ford, 27, was killed in a road accident in January 2021, just one month after Winston Hagans popped the question and the couple became engaged.

Hagans, from the city of Auburn in Alabama in the US, built a flower box to place at his fiancee’s grave because she preferred planted to cut flowers, he has said.

The grieving man was stunned when he was put under arrest for littering after the dead woman’s father, Tom Ford, reportedly complained.

Hagans now faces charges of criminal littering for leaving his handmade flower box at the grave.

He told WTVM News: “I just want to be able to put flowers by my fiancee’s grave.

“Even though she is gone, I promised her I would never bring her cut flowers again.”

He added: “She was the love of my life, the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

Hagans said he was not contacted by Ford before being arrested and has been left confused by the matter.

He said the authorities told him the flower box technical violates local laws, but they are rarely enforced unless specifically requested by the deceased’s family.

Ford and the local police have yet to make a public statement on the littering charge.

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