Heather Chase of Netflix Below Deck is a star in a string bikini


Bravo series Below Deck bombshell Heather Chase was nothing but a show-stopper, as she stripped to a baggy brown bikini to make a dramatic Instagram display.

Heather, chief stewardess of the ninth series’ hit Bravo series, stole the show when she wore a tiny bikini to a photoshoot alongside Kaylee Milligan.

Kaylee, who was there to assist her pal, looked stunning in a tiny bikini.

She shared photos from St Kitts, Nevis with the pair and they struck a series. This showed that they are still on the road together even when filming is not possible.

Heather showed off her toned abdomen and hourglass hops by wearing a brown bikini, with beading around the chest and hips.

Below Deck's Heather Chase
Heather and Kaylee Milligan, her co-star, posed for some photos in St Kitts

Heather can also be seen lifting a cocktail up to the heavens as Heather and Heather splash in the calm water together.

The stunning backdrop was perfect for the couple to cosily up. Heather gave Kaylee her piggyback, and she also showed off her tattoos with the small two-piece.

On her rib cage could be seen a small flock of birds, along with a large swirled pattern that started at her hip and ended at her thighs.

Below Deck's Heather Chase
Heather and Kaylee took a series photos in their bikinis

Heather captioned Heather’s photo: “Best friend goals. My ride or die.”

Bravo stars were praised immediately, and it was no surprise that the compliments came in fast, as one fan commented: “Gorgeous ladies.”

A second: “Love your tattoo.”

The third one was also added: “So lovely.”

A fourth one: “Sexy and beautiful.”

Heather was criticized for using the N-word while singing lyrics to songs during a night out in with Rayna Lindsey, her black co-star on the show.

Heather Chase
Below Deck
Heather’s first series was controversial when she was appointed chief stewardess.

Heather apologized on social media after the incident, which led to a long-running feud between them.

She wrote: “I am sorry for the hurt my ignorance caused Rayna in tonight’s episode. While I apologized to Rayna throughout the season, I cannot express enough how truly remorseful I am

“As Chief Stewardess, I have a responsibility to create a safe and welcoming environment for my crew. Unfortunately, this is something that I failed to do. In the nine months that have passed since the episode was recorded, I have seen how my actions and words can impact others. I pledge to improve in the future.

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