Heather Graham posts photo from hospital bed after an accident on vacation


Heather GrahamAfter an accident in Nantucket, she is now recovering. She shared a photo taken at a hospital on Instagram. Let’s take a look.

Heather Graham Goes Out

Graham is now resentful of what appeared to be a beautiful trip to Nantucket. In a new Instagram posting, the ScrubsStar showcases a few photos from her vacation in Massachusetts. She rode a boat and ate a lobster roll while watching the sunset from the beach. Nice!

It’s less nice to see her last picture lying on a hospital chair. She’s making “I love you”She signs with her hands and appears to be smiling almost as if she’s smiling. The caption gives some context. “Might have broken a rib…” Oof. Graham may have been sent to Cape Cod Hospital, near Barnstable MA. It’s the busiest hospital in Massachusetts during the summer months, and among the busiest on the eastern seaboard.

Calming Comments

The comments on Graham’s photograph are very kind. “NO ONE SHOULD LOOK THIS HOT AT THE HOSPITAL,”One writes. This is a great time to remind yourself that Graham is 52. Now’s also a good time to reminisce about her and Heath Ledger. They were together around the turn to the millennium, and made for stunning eye candy.

Anyway, Graham’s Instagram followers wrote more nice words. “Beauty with a broke rib” writes showrunner Debra J. Fisher. The Thing You DoStar John Schaech made comments about the Atlantic ocean “There’s great whites out there.” He’s right, for videos of sharks ripping apart seals are commonplace.

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“Awesome! If you broke a rib, it means you were having fun,”Another commenter said. While we don’t know exactly how Graham was busted up, she appears to be in very high spirits.

What’s On The Docket?

Graham is one of the most hardworking actors. She stars in three to four projects a year. At the moment, she’s already finished work on the Dennis Quaid film On a Wing, and a PrayerHorror movie Oracle. She’s also working with AfterIn star Josephine Langford The Other Zoe.

Graham will be Jason Biggs is my partnerIn the Netflix holiday movie Best. Christmas. Ever.Her next appearance is in the AppleTV+ series Extrapolations, and she’s working with Julia Stiles on Chosen Family. If you’re trying to keep track, that’s five films all in production at the same time and a television series. Bravo! Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery.

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