Heidi Klum looks shy in a Peekaboo Pic with a Towel


Supermodel Heidi KlumRecently, she shared a beautiful picture of herself on vacation in Mykonos. The Germany’s Next Top Model star posted a photo of herself standing in front of a beautiful Greek sunset, but that’s not what caught followers’ eyes. 

Klum Shares Racy Vacation Shot

Model showed off her figure with only a towel wrapped around the waist. “Sunrise Mykonos, it’s soooo pretty.”

Klum tells model daughter ‘Just Be Yourself’

Klum disabled comments on the post. However, fans showed their love through the 80,000 Likes. The model avoids any criticisms and often shuts down comments. She’s passed off this attitude to 17-year-old daughter, Leni, who is a model herself. 

“My mom is always telling me to just be myself, and brush off any hate I get, and I go by that,”She shared her in A recent interview with Rollercoaster. “I don’t read my comments. I think that you should just block it out. Don’t even think about it, just do what you’re there to do, and do what you want to do. Don’t let anybody stand in your way and tell you what you can’t do, just be yourself.”

This isn’t the first time the star has posted racy pictures on Instagram. Klum posted photos in her bikini bottoms on a July vacation, with her back facing the camera. The model is a master at working around Instagram’s no-nudity policy, as we can see in her latest post. She’s also used strategically placed plates and arms to cover up, and cropped pictures to remain on Instagram’s good side.