Here are the reasons Selma Blair is leaving Dancing With the Stars


There wasn’t one dry eye in the ballroom on this evening. 

The Oct. 17th episode of Dancing With the Stars brought the end of the road for the season’s most inspiring performer—and one last dance.

As Selma Blair,Following her MS diagnosis, who was competing on the show in 2018, she entered the rehearsal studio with her partner to prepare for her routine. Sasha FarberIt was difficult for her to accept. 

“You know I’ve been monitored and in touch with my doctors this whole process,”Selma shared her story with Sasha. “I had these MRIs. The results came back and it all just adds up to that I can’t go on with the competition. I pushed as far as I could.”

Selma said that she was afraid she would cause severe damage to her body. However, she promised to make it a learning experience for her 11 years-old son. ArthurSasha should be told. “I’ll have to settle in and get back to being a mom and showing him I have to pull back on something that I love doing and sometimes you make hard decisions.”

Selma was not to be discouraged, however. “I really want to have one last beautiful dance with you.”

She did exactly that. 

Get started “What the World Needs Now,”Selma and Sasha performed a beautiful waltz, which brought the ballroom to their feet. Almost everyone in the room reached for a tissue after it was over.

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