Here’s Logan Roy’s Cryptic Box of Donuts about ‘Succession.


Season 3 of HBO’s SuccessionEpisode 1 started off with a bang and Episode 2 did the same. Logan, Roy patriarch Logan, is still in cleanup mode after his son Kendall (Jeremy Strong), publicly blaming Waystar Rayco’s years-old sex/murder scandal coverup. Kendall declined to be the “blood sacrifice”After the disaster, Team Logan and Team Kendall are now engaged in a bloody war.

Shiv (Sarah Snook), Roman, and even Connor (Alan Ruck), gathered at Kendall’s ex-wife’s apartment to discuss the war. Kendall was trying to get them to his side in Operation Destroy Logan. Thinking they met in secret, the Roy kids were met with a surprise when a cryptic box of donuts arrived — courtesy of Logan. Both bewildered and afraid, the siblings stared at each other as they stared at the box. Let’s talk about the surprising weight of this box of saccharine-fried dough.

Logan Roy, CEO of Waystar Royco, sent his children a box full of donuts.

“Dad has sent some perfectly innocent and, I’m sure, safe-to-eat donuts,”Connor said. “He wants us all to have a nice tea party,”He continued holding up the note that was attached to the box. Daddy Big Bucks most likely sent the donuts because of two reasons. To send his conspiring children an important message. “I see you,”To scare them, there are two. These weren’t just any donuts — these were war donuts, glazed and sprinkled with threats.

After briefly discussing whether the donuts had been poisoned (concluding they most likely were not), Kendall tried to get everyone’s attention again, calling the bakery treats “irrelevant.”Roman, who is smarter that his goofy antics make it seem, continued by saying, “Oh, no, no, no, no. These, these are relevant donuts.”Even though Waystar Royco wouldn’t be under control that night, Kendall was still furious at the donut stunt.

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'Succession' Season 3, Episode 2


Roman, Shiv and Connor all told Kendall they were sticking with Team Logan. Kendall’s manipulations or promises of a financially successful company were not enough to shake their loyalty to their father. Kendall, a impulsive man, couldn’t contain his anger and called Connor “not wanted,”Roman a “moron,”Shiv a “twat.”

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“Have you been spooked by f–king donuts?” Kendall exclaimed. Kendall exclaimed. “right,”The Roy family and viewers both know that his motives are far more sinister than they think. Kendall is more focused on revenge than donuts. We’ll just have to wait to find out who will end up on Team Kendall or Team Logan at the end of this catastrophe.

Season 3 is just starting, and we already see threats in the form bakery goodies. Next week, cupcakes might be the next threat.

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