Here’s What Was Planned for Season 5 of Roswell, New Mexico


Roswell, New Mexico‘s ending was out of this world—but it could have been even wilder. 

The CW’s alien drama wrapped up its four-season run on Sept. 5, but showrunner Chris Hollier revealed what would have happened had the show been renewed for a fifth season, saying he wanted a “legacy ending” for Roswell’s couples—time jumps included.

“What does it mean when you start to find the people that you want to be with?” he explained to Entertainment Weekly in an interview published Sept. 5. “How do you actually go and generate your own happy ever after? I loved where we were going to take those characters. We were talking about setting the ending multiple years in the future. It would’ve been another wrap-up with where all of our couples were.”

Once the team found out the show had been cancelled, they had time to make “slight adjustments” to the finale—though it wasn’t the ending they originally wanted.

“This was intended to help launch us to a nice wrap-up of season five,” Hollier added of the episode. “More craziness would’ve followed.”

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