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CBS’s premiere season ratings were outstanding and the critical acclaim generated multiple nominations for awards. GhostsIt has quickly become one of TV’s most loved freshmen sitcoms. The single-camera comedy series made a lasting impression with its clever writing and the flawless performances by Rose McIver (Veteran Performer) 

While the show will be returning for its second season this fall, the Woodstone Mansion spirits’ cast has been living their best lives and have serious talent when not on-screen.

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Keep an eye out for GhostsSeason 2 premieres in a new time slot at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29. ET on CBS. Get to know the dynamic cast of the hit ensemble comedy and some of their other projects. What are your favorite shows and movies featuring spirits? Scroll below to learn more — and to see more with the spirits of Ghosts, You can find full-length interviews on our YouTube with the cast.

Asher Grodman portrays Trevor Lefkowitz

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Trevor Lefkowitz, a ’90s Wall Street Bro Trevor Lefkowitz, is the most well-known actor. Ghosts, Asher GrodmanWhile he may be revealing a bit more about his soul on CBS’ sitcom, with a hilarious and funny performance that is both cheeky as well as layered, he is still a compassionate and creative storyteller when he’s not teaching acting classes at Hunter College in New York City and Rikers Island inmates. Grodman’s performance as Trevor is charismatic, even though he has a half-birthday outfit look. This is testament to the hard work that he has put in on television, film and theatre.

His career began in regional theatres throughout the country. Amadeus was the South Coast Repertory’s leading role. This expressive, multitalented artist, who is also the award-winning filmmaker behind The Madeleine, has been a part of many national productions. Critically acclaimed 2015 short The TrainThe film stars the late, great Eli Wallach. More than 25 film festivals featured him. The Train His keen and perceptive eye won him many honors, including Best Film Awards. Grodman wasn’t just an award-winning short film. 2017 The comedy RekindledHe won 14 awards and was a part of 50 film festivals. He starred in and co-produced the moving one-minute film a year later. Baby Shoes on Sale, Never Worn.There are many shorts to choose from, as well as a wide selection of them. The 2020 chilling drama MixedGrodman has been featured in guest spots on various shows over the years. House of Cards(Unfortunately, credit as Asher Goodman). Chicago Med, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Elementary Succession (the episode) “Hunting,”This series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series. Grodman also starred in a few movies, including Mo, Knock Knock, Inez & Doug & Kira,Award-winning Harry is a charming man. Next, he will be seen in the Brooke Shields feature film and Brandon Routh feature movieOut of stock!A comedy is set to be released sometime in the next year.


Richie Moriarty plays Pete Martino

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With fervent love for D&D and knots, Pete Martino is one of Woodstone’s eternal optimists and played most lovably by Richie MoriartyA gifted performer, with many talents. He can be anything from actor to writer to improviser. Many films have been made about him, including Zach Braff’s hilarious portrayal of a bank manager who becomes a barista. Fashionable Style How to be SingleAlong with Dakota Johnson, Moriarty began his improv career in 2006. He was featured in commercials and on TV shows in Boston. After years of comedy theatre and booking ads, he performed almost 10 years later at the renowned Just for Laughs Festival in Montréal — where they serendipitously shoot Ghosts. Moriarty was again taken by kismet and secured an AFC Championship Game teaser promotion for CBS in that year. It won four Sports Emmys. The promo starred John Malkovich, Peyton Manning, and the Super Bowl LIII Opening.

One of his most funny sketches is the Simply Unemployed skit. Hamilton Impressions: 14 Celebrities in under 2 minutes. It’s the most hilarious thing you’ll ever see, from Adam Sandler to Christopher Walken to Muppets’ character Bunson. Moriarty had also a recurring role. The Tickguest stars in What We Do in Shadows, The Last O.G., Adam Ruins Everything, Kimmy Schmidt: The Unbreakable Kimmy, House of Cards Grodman was his co-star Orange is the New Black.


Sheila Carrasco performs Flower (Susan Montero).

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Woodstone Mansion’s Wild Child Flower, a 1960s actor and writer, is one of its freer spirits. Sheila CarrascoHer innovative talents and charm ensure that she conveys the loved character’s emotions with a powerful and expressive flair. She started her theatre career at 7 years old in a community production. AnnieCarrasco is a graduate of Groundlings Sunday Company as well as an active member IAMA, a theatre company based in Los Angeles. Carrasco, who has a strong background as a director and set designer, has starred in a series for Broadway Video’s Latino Comedy Studio Mas mejor, which was based on her original character. “Marisol at the Market.”

Recently, I was the star and writer of the virtual one-woman comedy. Anyone but meCarrasco was featured in several shows last year including “Female Identity” Tim Robinson: I think you should leave, Jane the Virgin, The Good Place, The Art of Living in Pieces The Odd Couple — both on CBS. She is also an alumnus of 2018’s CBS Diversity Showcase, and a head writer for 2019.


Alberta Haynes, played by Danielle Pinnock

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Alberta Haynes, a prohibition-era singer is one of the most sassy and cheerful voices that can be heard humming along the halls Woodstone Mansion. Season 2 will see her take center stage with an A-storyline. However, it’s a great opportunity to meet her off-camera counterpart in actress Danielle Pinnock — a multifaceted actor, writer and creator with a generous heart for laughs who has been named to PEOPLE‘s “One to Watch”List and Backstage 2022 “Emerging Talent” honor.

Regularly sharing her comedy skills on TikTok, while she is on set with the crew GhostsCastOr as much as half Hashtag Booked duo with her friend and comedy partner LaNisa Renee Frederick — of which the pair is developing a pilot based on the award-winning web series — Pinnock is best known for her role as the kind-hearted math teacher on the CBS comedy Young Sheldon. She has also been a part of some memorable shows, such as Register Shorty alongside Ray Romano. Neben Gast-starring roles in Fernsehen, starred as Ray Romano. Sketch Show for Black Lady, This is Us, Scandal DollfaceHer voice can be heard on the Netflix Original Boss Baby is Back in BusinessCartoon Network Thundercats RoarApple TV+ Doug UnplugsPeacock’s Where’s Waldo?


Rebecca Wisocky portrays Henrietta “Hetty” Woodstone

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Once an 1880s socialite married to a robber baron (Matt Walsh) currently burning in hell and the great-great-great-grandmother to Samantha (McIver), Woodstone’s Victorian matriarch Henrietta “Hetty”Woodstone was played flawlessly by Rebecca WisockyThis is the character that everyone secretly wished was a mother figure in our lives. Season 2 is a great season! “awakening”Hetty was portrayed by the showrunners at San Diego Comic-Con. It will be fun for fans to see how Wisocky conveys that emotion. Wisocky, an artist whose career spans almost three decades in television and film, will make it a breeze. He’ll no doubt elevate the character to new heights.

Wisocky first performed on Broadway in 1995. She has since appeared in numerous stage productions that primarily focus on strong female characters such as Lady Macbeth and Medea. Wisocky was nominated for several awards and appeared in many Off Broadway productions. Her role on “The Simpsons” is her most well-known. Devious MaidsWisocky is the fan-favorite Evelyn Powell and has been a frequent actor in drama and comedy. Wisocky has also appeared in guest spots on “The Simpsons.” Law & Order franchise, The Sopranos NCIS Sex and the CityWisocky played recurring roles in Star Trek: Picard, For All Mankind, True blood, The Mentalist American Horror Story Featured in the Hulu series DopesickMichael Keaton opposite. Wisocky has appeared in several films, including PollackEd Harris is opposite Hello My Name Is DorisSally Field, who was the voice of Ebay Elayne. Ralph Saves the Internet. Wisocky’s next appearance will be in Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe biopic BlondeAna de Armas and David O. Russell AmsterdamMargot Robbie and Christian Bale


Capt. Isaac Higgintoot portrayed by Brandon Scott Jones

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Although Isaac Higgintoot might seem pompous and a Revolutionary War Captain who died from dysentery, hates Alexander Hamilton, and accidentally killed the woman he loved, a remarkable performance by Brandon Scott Jones The 1700s ghost is brought to life by Scott, who brings a new vibrancy to the character of a traditional, stoic militiaman. The role has even earned Scott his first Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category for the CBS sitcom — with plenty more to come for him and the show this year following multiple awards nominations this year.

Jones, a regular performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in New York and Los Angeles was named one Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch for 2015. He is as multitalented and versatile as his talents. GhostsScott is a co-star and has a long list of credits for writing, producing, acting, and other creative endeavors. He is best-known for his two-season role as Scott on The Good PlaceHe is also a coproducer and writer, and an actor in HBO Max’s critically-acclaimed series. The other twoA pair of struggling millennial siblings. With GhostsHis breakthrough role was his. IIs It Romantic?Alongside Rebel Wilson and Oscar-nominated Can You Ever Forgive me? Jones will appear in Nicolas Cage’s horror comedy, Jones just a few days after his Netflix movie Senior Year. RenfieldStay tuned for next year.


Sasappis played by Román Zaragoza

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Sasappis is known for rolling his eyes and asking for pizza every chance he gets. We love him for that, even though he’s one of the most snarky spirits in the house. Román ZaragozaSharp and brilliant timing with some very funny sarcasm. Zaragoza’s Sass feels like a character that is most relatable to Gen Z. Season 2 of Zaragoza will give us a lot more to explore with her. Ghostsas announced by the showrunners, cast and crew at the San Diego Comic-Con.

He got his start on Broadway at 3 years old, with his father Gregory Zaragoza, in the revival of Annie Get Your GunZaragoza’s passion was ignited by his love for the arts, and he performed in many plays and musicals during high school. Diving headfirst into that passion for a decade before making the leap to television, Zaragoza worked with Native Voices at the Autry — the country’s only Native American Equity theatre company. Zaragoza appeared on the Disney Channel’s High School Specials. Austin & AllyHowever, his career path changed when he turned 18 and was a star in the movie. The Don’t Talk BackNative Voices at La Jolla Playhouse and at the Autry. It was his work at the Autry that brought him to Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This is where he fell for the Bard of Avon. After completing a three-season stint at the festival, Zaragoza was cast in several short films and TV shows such as Stumptown The People Who Can’t You can also watch movies like Shadow Wolves Netflix


Devan Chandler Long portrays Thorfinn

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Last but not the least, Viking Thorfinn is the oldest spirit of the Woodstone Estate. He’s the most cuddly bear audiences would expect from someone putting on a show. Playfully portrayed by Devan Chandler LongThe actor with a diverse resume in TV and film will get another opportunity to show off his acting skills as Season 2 begins. “Thorapy” episode.

Former defensive end football star at Oregon, he became an actor and was loved by his peers on the football field as well as in school. He received a full-ride scholarship from Oregon for his talents, and he played until his graduation in 2005. Long, who has a boisterous personality with a passion for storytelling, found acting and was cast in his first role. ShamelessIn 2012. The actor’s determination has allowed him to create a unique filmography, playing a variety of roles, including those in recent years. The Rookie HBO Max’s Doom Patrol as DC Comics strongman superhero Flex Mentallo. Long has also starred in Michael Bay’s most recent film, “Long.” AmbulanceJake Gyllenhaal

More information GhostsFor all things Season 2, keep checking PopCulture for the latest news, updates, and everything else. You can also watch the first season of GhostsOn Paramount+Free of charge from June 3, 2022 to September 2, 2022


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