Here’s Why Bachelor Nation Should Have Cameras Rolling at Stagecoach


Forget the Bachelor Mansion. Keep your eyes fixed on Stagecoach.
On April 29, thousands will travel to Indio (Calif.) to enjoy three days of non-stop country music. While attendees plan their schedules, they can still enjoy the music. Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, Maren Morris and other artists live, they also may want to keep their eyes peeled for members of Bachelor Nation.
Stagecoach was a reunion for many cast members, even though it was canceled by the coronavirus epidemic. The BachelorAnd The Bachelorette.
“Bachelor Nation is a pretty tight knit crew,” Robby Hayes exclusively shared with E! News. “It’s pretty normal for us to meet up and make sure we cross paths when we are attending the same event and located in the same city for a weekend. If we let the atmosphere and drinks get the best of us, well, I guess we just like to let loose when the cameras aren’t on! It can be a nice change of pace!”

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