Here’s Why Billy Idol Never Got Married


Billy Idol is a beloved bad boy of rock and roll. He’s been labeled everything from an “MTV darling”To “a grizzled-yet-unrepentant survivor.”His trademark black leather look, platinum blonde hair and charismatic stage presence make him magnetic. Idol’s long career is filled with classic hit songs, like “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding,”And “Eyes Without A Face.”

He has been linked with various women, some of them famous—but none of those relationships have led to marriage. However, not all relationships are true.

Who were the women Idol was involved with? Will he ever get married? His attitude toward one woman seems to have changed from his younger years.

Perri Lister, Idol’s partner in long-term relationships, was his girlfriend from 1980 to 1989

Lister, a former singer, dancer, and actress, was a member in the Hot Gossip dance troupe. She appeared in several of Idol’s music videos, including “White Wedding”And “To Be a Lover.” Their son, Willem Wolf Broad (Idol’s birth name is William Michael Albert Broad), was born on June 15, 1988.

The same year Lister and Idol were broken up. Idol’s tendency to stray may have contributed to it. He openly admitted that he was not a good match for the ladies. “I loved Perri but I couldn’t help but have dalliances,” He told the story LouderNovember 2016,.

Interview with the author during 2014. CBS,Idol stated that fidelity to a single woman was impossible for him. He expressed it in unsentimental terms. “It’s impossible”He stated that he would only stay true to one person. “I mean, especially on a 10-month tour, on a bus, going from nowhere, from place to place…you wanted something to break up the monotony. And the only way to do it was [with] a piece of human flesh.”

He was a cheater on Lister with Linda Mathis, 1988

Mathis and Idol had Bonnie Blue Broad in 1989. There’s very little information about the relationship; it may never have been serious enough to end in marriage.

Sonja Morgan of RHONYClaims they Dated While He was Still with Perri

According to Bustle,Sonja Morgan, RHONY claimsIdol to be her boyfriend. According to reports, she claimed that they had a relationship while Idol was with Perri Lister. However, there’s not much to substantiate or disprove these claims. Whether Idol was seeing both women simultaneously is not certain, and the nature and duration of Morgan’s relationship with Idol are also not known.

Melissa Gilbert Had A Short-Lived Relationship With The Bad-Boy Rocker In The Late ’80s

The pairing of Little House on the PrairieIt was unlikely that Melissa Gilbert, the actress for Idol, would be able to perform such a role. Gilbert’s gentle and elegant appearance is due at least partially to her role as a host on the beloved television program. Idol, however, has been open about his drug use and wild lifestyle.

They fell in love after a chance meeting. Gilbert wrote this in her memoir. Prairie Tale,That she suddenly warmed to Idol. “He impressed me as a sweet, gentle, and soft-spoken charmer.”

Idol asked her out on a date. She eventually ended their relationship after attending a raucous party he hosted at the Bel Age Hotel in Beverly Hills, then going with Idol to visit Rick James’ house, which Gilbert described as “the scariest place [she’d] ever been.” Perhaps she realized that she and Idol weren’t so compatible, after all.

He Was Linked To Shanna Moakler In 1997

Moakler, Miss USA 1995 and actress Moakler told ESPN’s Page 2 2001She found Idol “cute”And “sexy.”She added, “He’s got a great mind for history, loves to talk about philosophy, and he is very intelligent. He’s got a kid and is a great father.”  

Moakler, however, said that the rocker was her favorite. “horrible in bed.” Moakler ascribed Idol’s lack of amorous finesse to his never needing to cultivate it because women always flocked to him.

He reportedly dated Lindsay Cross, a Stylist, between 2008 and 2015

Little is known about Idol’s relationship with Cross. Get Closer reportedThey started to see each other in 2008

Other than some public sightings of the two, there’s not much that’s clear about their romantic connection, if that’s what it was.

He’s Been Dating China Chow Since 2018

Chow, who was a Calvin Klein model and Tommy Hilfiger’s actress, has also been an actor. She has appeared in shows like Burn Notice That ’70s Show. Chow’s father, Michael, is the owner of the Mr. Chow restaurant franchise. Tina, her mother, died in 1992. The New York TimesReferred to as herAs “an internationally acclaimed model, restaurateur, jewelry designer, sculptor, and fashion collector…”

Although Idol had a negative view of fidelity in the past, he seems to be staying with his current girlfriend. Maybe that’s a function of calming down and acquiring wisdom and maturity over the years. You can find out more at Interview with LouderIdol. that he was no longer interested in cheating while in a serious relationship, but he didn’t necessarily see himself getting married.

When he was asked about his “lifelong bachelor status,”Idol laughed at the joke. “I’m not giving everything up.”It will be interesting to see if Idol is able to walk down the aisle with a special woman or remain a happy footloose single man.

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