Here’s Why Marisa Tomei Feels Complete Without A Husband


In our culture and society, it was the norm that women should be married mothers for a long time. It was the norm. In recent years, that narrowly-focused idea has started to go by the wayside—for the most part.

Marisa Thomasei, actress, is an excellent example of a woman who has chosen to forgo motherhood and matrimony. She’s evidently happy with her distinguished acting career and with herself. Tomei has provided some insight into her decision, however, in case you’re interested in knowing more.

Tomei’s Career Has Always Been Her Priority

Tomei’s stance on the subject of marriage is clear. She said Manhattan Magazine in 2009 that she wasn’t interested in marriage and didn’t think women need to have children to be complete human beings.

Closer Weekly had a story about Tomei’s marital status that included comments from an unnamed friend of hers. The friend “revealed the actress has never been focused on having a traditional family. ‘[It] wasn’t something she ever truly pursued—even in her twenties,’ the insider said. ‘Work has really been her life force.”’

2020 Tomei confided in ColliderIt was a pity she had to accept so-called “mom roles” like Spider-Man’s Aunt May and in The King of Staten Island. She didn’t want to be portrayed as motherly figures over and over again and get identified with them. She acknowledged, however, that Hollywood can be difficult to find steady work without accepting what is available.

“I was, you know, talked into it … and I really always felt like, ‘Oh, I could play a lot of things.’ … I think every actor and actress has a lot of dimensions to them and if the scope of what is being written and being made is narrow, and you want to keep working, you do what you can. I mean, I do. I tried it. It was maybe not the right road, but you know, I do try to make the most of it.” 

Her Past Relationships

Although she has not yet made marriage her ultimate goal, Tomei is said to have dated Robert Downey Jr. back in 1994. In 2013, E! NewsShareRumours of a possible engagement between Logan Marshall-Green and her were rumored to be baseless. According to reports, they were seeing each other between 2008 and 2013.

“Though they are not engaged, the couple continue[s] to date,” E! News It was then.

Josh Radnor and Tomei were closely linked. How I Met Your MotherIn 2013 and 2014.

2019 Yahoo! Yahoo! Entertainment reportedShe was seen at multiple events in New York with Marco Calvani, playwright.

Marisa is a shining example of a woman who puts herself first and chooses a career rather than marriage or children. She’s living proof that fulfillment doesn’t need to come from someone else and that dating doesn’t have to end in marriage to be worthwhile.

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