Here’s why time of death was on Queen Elizabeth’s Death certificate


As more details of Queen Elizabeth’s death are being released, royal fans find themselves with even more questions, including why the queen’s time of death was included on her death certificate, but not on Prince Philip’s. 

Why Queen Elizabeth’s Death Certificate Included A Time Of Death

The queen’s death certificate was released earlier this week and revealed that the monarch passed away due to old age. There was also a small detail included that some royal fans noticed was missing from other members of the royal family’s certificates.

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Do you know this particular detail? Queen Elizabeth’s time of death. According to the certificateThe queen died on September 8th at 3:10pm. She died three hours before the death announcement was made to the public at 6:30 pm that day. 

While having the time of death on a death certificate seems like a normal detail to include, this doesn’t typically appear on death certificates for members of the royal family. The Queen Mother and Prince Philip, for example, do not have death certificates that include the time of their deaths. They died in 2002. 

So, why was Queen’s Elizabeth’s time of death recorded? Balmoral, the queen’s beloved country estate, is where she died. It is located in Scotland. All deaths must be recorded within seven days of the death, according to the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act (Scotland), 1965. A time of death must be included in the death registration process in Scotland. 

The Registration Act of 1836 was the reason that Prince Philip and the Queen Mother both passed away in England. Members of the royal family are not covered by this act. Another detail revealed on Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate is that her daughter, Princess Anne, was the one to sign the certificate. 

The Queen’s Passing Earlier This Month

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral took place on September 19. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth was attended by members of her royal family, world leaders, as well as friends, before her casket was taken away to Windsor Castle.

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There, Queen Elizabeth was buried alongside Prince Philip, Prince George VI, her parents, King George VI, the Queen Mother and her sister Princess Margaret. The loss of Queen Elizabeth has been felt all over the world. Many people have found comfort in the release of her death certificate, which confirms that she died from old age.

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