Hero Dog Rescues Missing Sisters Lost Deep in Woods


After two teenage girls wandered off-road into Louisiana’s woods, their best friend saved them.

Sisters Abigail Bourg, 7, and Cecilia Bourg, 4, were playing with their golden retriever Artemis in the backyard of their St. Tammany home when they decided to follow the dog into the woods.

However, things quickly took a turn when the sisters lost their way in deep woods. Five hours passed as they waited while rescue workers and their panicked parents searched desperately for signs of the group.

In the end, Artemis saved the day.

“Your mind just starts going to the worst places,”Annie Bourg, mom, tells Ann Mercogliano of Inside Edition. “I jumped to, ‘Oh my gosh, did someone drive up here and take all of them.'”

Mom quickly put out a video on Facebook asking for help and alerted the police, who organized search efforts.

The girls also remained in the same spot that Artemis used to snuggle up to, according to their father.

Artemis was quick to alert rescue workers and located the girls.

The good news quickly reached mom and dad who could breathe a sigh of relief.

“I think I cried all the tears that exist,” Annie says. “It was a rollercoaster of emotions.”

They were not impressed by their time in the woods. However, they did note that there was plenty of it. “mud”And “trees.”

They spent most of their time cuddling up with Artemis to stay warm.  “He never left their side,”According to the father of the daughters, the pet was a loyal family member.

Turns out this dog is also little girls’ best friend.

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