Hero Husband uses LifeVac to save his wife from choking on a meatball


One husband saved his wife from her choking with a LifeVac device.

Jennifer Bryant was in the kitchen, eating a hot meatball. Stefan, her husband grabbed something to put above the refrigerator when their daughter began screaming.

Stefan told his daughter to stop talking and kept calm. He put the LifeVac over her mouth and pulled the plunger on the device twice before it cleared his wife’s airway.

You can see the look of relief on their daughter’s face.

“It was pretty intense. In the video, you can hear our daughter screaming and I tell her, ‘Please stop screaming, I can’t think.’ Because I know that when you panic, you can’t make good decisions,”Stefan.

It’s not the first time the portable airway-clearing device has been in the news.

A LifeVac was used by a mother who was panicking to save her baby’s life last year.

Similar incident happened in a South Carolina restaurant. A 10-month-old infant started to choke on a pancake. The LifeVac was found in another diner’s car and the baby was saved.

Arthur Lih (CEO and founder of LifeVac) demonstrated the device’s operation in the video.

“You don’t think it could happen to you, but it did, and this thing saved her life. It’s just amazing, and it was so easy to use,”Stefan.

Jennifer says she’s lucky to be alive.