Hero Motorist Pulls Over To Save Woman from Being Kidnapped


A motorist is being lauded for saving a woman from an attempted kidnapping. Ariel Naylor didn’t think twice when she pulled over as the victim was being dragged away on the side of the road. 

Surveillance video was taken in Boston of the terrifying abduction. A young mother was walking home from work when she saw a man following her. The man grabbed her and began a brutal struggle. She tried to escape, but couldn’t.

Then, the hope of approaching headlights came. Naylor was on her way home from work when she spotted the struggle and pulled over.

“He was dragging her towards this area where she probably wouldn’t have been seen if she had made it another 15 feet,”Naylor stated.

The victim managed to escape after the attacker lost his nerve. Naylor called 911.

“I just saw some guy just try to abduct a girl. I’m on the side of the road where she’s got no shirt on,”She told the dispatcher.

The suspect fled. “I don’t know where he went. He took off when I slammed on my brake,”Naylor stated.

Tyler Healey, 23, was identified by police as the suspect attacker. At his arraignment Wednesday, Naylor met the victim’s family — grateful that a total stranger came to their loved one’s rescue.

Naylor also got to reunite with Zayra Mendoza who she saved. She said she believed she would die in that dark street.

“The fear in her eyes is something I will probably never forget,”Naylor stated.

His father recognized the brightly-colored sneakers in the video and turned him in. He pleaded guilty.

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