Hidden staircase leads to a room with creepy treasures that brothers discover.


Imgur user claims that he was wrestling his brother and fell into a shelf. They then discovered the hidden staircase and room, which they believe was occupied by Missouri squatters.

A pair of brothers was terrified when they discovered a secret room in their house that was claimed to be occupied by squatters.

TwoBiteBrownie shared the story on Imgur. The person identified as TwoBiteBrownie was from Missouri and said that he had been wrestling his brother when they fell into a shelf.

They discovered that the staircase actually led to a dead end.

However, the mystery didn’t end there. He also said that a hidden crawlspace was also discovered, which led him to believe that there had been a squatter living in there.

This post was originally published back in 2013, but it has been republished and became viral via social media this week.

He shared photos of what he had found and explained the process: “I moved into a house about a year ago.

“The house was originally built in 2000 by the current owners, who then moved to India two-years ago.

“This picture above shows my parents’ room. Then the other day, we found this.

“My little brother and I were playing around and I shoved him in the shelf.

“When he fell, he pulled out the bookshelf with him. We always assumed it was just built into the wall.

“There’s a f***ing spiral staircase in here. So we went down.. bad idea.”

He shared photos taken inside the crawl space and stated: “Someone was living in our walls. In our walls.

“This is my Halloween candy.

“That someone came into my room, took from my bag, and then brought back in here.

“Scale with banana peel

“About 30 seconds after taking this picture, we realized what it meant and got the f*** out of there.”

One of the items inside contained a blanket with an elephant and a key without identifying lock.

He said that dolls could be found in the house and added: “Then the f***ing dolls. These little s**ts are creepy.”

Some users weren’t convinced by the images, while others doubted their authenticity.

One person said: “Bull***t. How does he get in and out? Where does he s***? When does he eat? No way there was a person living in there.”

Another thought: “There must be an outside entrance too! Surely they don’t enter through the bookcase each time?”

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