Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting: Residents in shock over July 4th Massacre


Residents of Highland Park, Illinois say that a mass shooting happened in their community.

In years past, the city’s annual parade was a patriotic and joyous family event — the kind you see in small towns and villages across the country.

Residents are shocked now.

“We’re just trying to process what happened,”One person said.

“I always just assumed this was kind of a bubble where violence wouldn’t happen here, but it does,”Another thought.

“Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”Rachel Brosnahan is a Chicago-area native.

“This parade is a highlight of the year for so many families. No words,”Brosnahan made the statement in a statement. 

Many memorable films have been shot in the affluent community located 30 miles north Chicago. “Risky Business”And “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

It was felt all across the country. Nearby cities saw fireworks stoppages, including Akron in Ohio, which is currently in crisis following the shooting death of Jayland Walker by police.

Gunfire caused panic in Philadelphia as thousands of people gathered to see the annual fireworks display. Video footage captured the panic. 

The same thing happened In Orlando — triggered only by the rumor of somebody with a gun that was never verified. 

According to the Gun Violence Archive., Highland Park was the 314th mass shooting.