His legs were broken by his uncle as he escaped a blaze that claimed the lives of two other women and two more children.


Two adults and two children died in an uncontrollable fire that erupted in Bexleyheath (South London) last night.

A man suffered broken legs after jumping from the highest floor of a house to escape a fire which claimed four lives.

Last night, two children and two mothers were killed when tragedy struck in Bexleyheath (South London).

The injured man is currently in hospital being treated for his injuries. He is likely to be the uncle, a boy aged 4 and his 1-year-old brother.

Distressed relatives claimed that their grandmother and mother died in the fire.

Beloved ones reported that the father of the children received a final call from his wife, shouting “Fire! Fire!” before her death.

One man claimed he was a relative of Yogan’s husband, but declined to name the victims.

He confirmed that the family was from Sri Lanka, and that his cousin’s mother had booked a flight for today.

They don’t know where the fire started but think it might have been downstairs.

He confirmed that the boy who died had been four years old, while his sister was only 18 months.

According to the family’s records, the house was only purchased three months ago.

The husband was the only survivor. A brother-in-law jumped from a top floor and broke both his legs.

Another cousin, Jega, said: “We’ve seen them recently at a wedding – two or three weeks ago. Happy children. It’s an accident you can’t prepare for.

“It was probably a phone call from his wife. He was shouting “fire, fire” and it went dead. It went silent.”

He continued: “He’s 40 years old, we call him Yogan.

“The mother-in-law was supposed to be flying back to Sri Lanka today.

“They were packing her stuff for Gatwick today, I believe. We don’t know where they were, but we think it was upstairs.

“His brother-in-law was also upstairs, he jumped out of the window but he survived.

“It is very sad. It is so sad. Yogan can’t speak. It is very sad.

“His brother-in-law is in hospital – no one has had the chance to speak to him yet. We’ve heard broken legs.

“It’s a tragedy. These kinds of events are not something you can prepare for. It’s impossible to predict what will happen in your family.

“He purchased the house only three months ago. The couple has two young children. He was working at the time. He works in local retail.

“We just came to see him and we don’t know how to comfort him. He’s the only surviving member of his family.

“Two of his sisters live nearby. We hope they will be able to be there for him.”

Another cousin, who declined to give his name: said: “He was at work that night when he received a call from his wife. That was what I heard.

“He had a call from his wife about 8.30pm. He said that he heard ‘fire fire’ and then the phone was cut off. He rushed back and tried to get in but he wasn’t able to.

“The oldest child is four, and the youngest is one-and-a-half. The couple bought the house three months ago and have lived there ever since. [in the UK]More than 15 years.

“I found out this morning from the news and then I called him. He’s back from hospital now. He’s very upset.”

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