Hit Sitcom to Leave Netflix at the End Of the Month


Netflix will end one of their most entertaining shows at the close of the month. Netflix will end the British sitcom on November 29 Keep your head down. The series aired on 2013-2019 on Channel 4The United Kingdom 

Keep your head downThis is the latest addition to a long list that will be leaving Netflix at the end of November. The streaming service will say goodbye to shows like Broadchurch, Are you the one??, and Glee. Keep your head downGreg Davies, who created the show’s original series, was seen as Dan Davies. His character was described by a man in his 50s who lived with both his parents as he went through a midlife crisis. The series followed Dan as he went through this midlife crisis while simultaneously teaching secondary school. 

Keep your head downIn many ways, Davies’ life was mirrored in his reflections during an interview with The Guardian. Before the second season premiered, Davies lost both his father, Bob Davies, and his onscreen father, Rik Mayall. Davies paid tribute to Mayall while speaking to the outlet and recalled how much he inspired his decision to enter the television industry. He explained that Mayall’s humor was the inspiration for his comedy. The Young OnesHe was an inspiration growing up. 

“He was a force of nature. His appetite was not blunted, and his enthusiasm and his ambition were huge,” Davies said. “He often asked me: ‘What’s my motivation for this scene?’ ‘Why am I sitting on your toilet having a sh—t?’ was a question he genuinely asked me, and I had to say: ‘It’s … fun? There’s nothing deeper than that, I’m sorry’.”Davies also explained Mayall’s character in an interview Keep your head downHe was heavily inspired by his father. The comedian stated that his father was the inspiration for it. “a peculiar set of circumstances to lose a fictional father and real father in the same year.”

“It’s very difficult and I miss him [his father Bob] terribly,” Davies continued. “We were a good father and son, we had a lot of fun together. I laugh with my mum and sister regularly, we are still reduced to fits of laughter remembering him. And I’m really glad he got to see what I did. Even when he was poorly and in a wheelchair, he was wheeled into gigs, and was of the opinion that he would have done a much better job – and rightly so.”