Hoda Kotb Allegedly Forced Out ‘Today’Industry Gossip Says, Despite Rumored Clashes With Savannah Guthrie


It is Hoda Kochshe was on her way out Today show? Rumors say that she fought with Savannah GuthrieKotb looks ready to quit. Here’s what one tabloid has been saying.

Savannah Guthrie ‘Clashing’Hoda Kotb

A few months back, the National Enquirer Savannah Guthrie reported that Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie were not getting along behind closed doors. Guthrie began in the lower ranks at Today, but now she’s top dog at the program. However, sources reveal that her ambition made her enemies. “Behind the scenes, she’s seen as a real pit bull,”Confidentiality is key for a tipster “She’s competitive as hell with other hosts, like Hoda Kotb.”Guthrie apparently had a reputation for being “very nice”. “self-centered.”

We struggled to find the source of the story beyond offensive and outdated stereotypes as we looked deeper into it. According to our research, Kotb and Guthrie had been friends for years—long before Guthrie’s rise to the top. The anchors seemed to only have nice things to say about each other, so this outlet’s story completely fell flat for us.

Guthrie Driving Hoda Kotb Out Of ‘Today’?

But it appears that there must be something going on because the Get in touch He jumped right back on the train. This time, Kotb was completely fed-up with Guthrie’s “controlling” behavior. According to the outlet, Kotb had recently quit her SiriusXM show. It was therefore possible that she would abandon. Today next—and Guthrie was the one to blame. “Hoda tried very hard to be friends with Savannah,”A insider was admitted. “But Savannah would rather hang out with Jenna Bush.”

This report was once again a complete mystery to us. As we took another look into Guthrie and Kotb’s working relationship, we could only find sunshine and roses. The best part about Today It really does seem like Guthrie & Kotb are a dream couple. So, what was this tabloid’s deal? It was clear that Kotb and Guthrie are both women. These nasty rivalry rumors seem to only blow up to this degree when they’re about two women in power. But despite the outlet’s antiquated views, Guthrie and Kotb seemed to be great friends.

Hoda Kotb Her Planning ‘Today’ Exit?

It was almost like the Get in touch couldn’t sell this baseless Kotb-Guthrie feud forever. According to the magazine’s latest story, Kotb thought about moving, but this time she was doing so for her own reasons. While she was still healing from her broken engagement, the magazine realized that Kotb was taking stock of her life and realizing she was too busy working. “Getting up at 3:30 a.m. every day and going to bed at 9 p.m. just isn’t working for her anymore,”The source was leaking.

This story is harder to disprove. However, we approach it with a healthy dose skepticism. This story could really apply to anyone in Kotb’s position. If you have enough money, you can leave your job without any repercussions. Kotb had certainly seen many of her colleagues do it, so who’s to say she wouldn’t be next?

But we also had to remind readers that Kotb hasn’t given any indication that she’s thinking of leaving, and we certainly weren’t ready to take the Enquirer’s Take our word for it. Overall, anything’s possible, but we’re just going to wait for Kotb to reveal her career plans before we buy too far into these speculative rumors.

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