Hoda Kotb Allegedly Getting ‘Friendly’ With Matt Lauer After Breaking Up With Fiance, Insider Says


Is Hoda Kotb striking up an unlikely romance with an old colleague? One tabloid claims former Today host Matt Lauer has his sights set on newly-single Kotb. Here’s what we know about Kotb and Lauer’s friendship.

Matt Lauer ‘Leching’ On ‘Heartbroken’ Hoda Kotb?

This week, the Globe reports Hoda Kotb has been a mess since breaking things off with her fiance Joel Schiffman. So, when her old friend Matt Lauer reached out to offer his sympathies, she took comfort in his company. But sources say that Kotb and her friends are still uneasy about the former Today show host given his shameful exit from the network in 2019 after a former NBC employee accused him of sexual abuse.

“Hoda is still friendly with Matt and she has been the most sympathetic of his former colleagues,” an insider dishes. “To be fair to Matt, he does care about Hoda. But there’s no denying it’s a little creepy too, since they’re not exactly best buddies and his girlfriend would be none too happy if she found out… Matt’s been on the phone voicing his sympathies… Hoda’s pals are keeping an eye on it because they think he’s a real dog!”

Matt Lauer ‘Swoops In’ On ‘Hurting’ Hoda Kotb?

This is just an absolutely ridiculous and offensive story. From what we can tell, Matt Lauer burned his bridges at NBC when the network gave his job to Hoda Kotb. We know that Kotb had a close working relationship with Lauer for years before the accusations came out, but Kotb stood with Lauer’s accuser, Brooke Nevils, once she came forward.

It’s offensive to both Kotb and Nevils to even suggest that Kotb would entertain any kind of romantic relationship with Lauer. Besides, Kotb just broke off an 8-year long relationship with the father of her children, and Lauer is currently in his own relationship. The chances that Lauer would reach out to Kotb just seem extremely low. And even if Kotb are still communicating as friends, we seriously doubt this tabloid would know anything about it.

The Tabloid On The ‘Today’ Show

This wouldn’t be the first time the Globe invented drama for the cast of the Today show. Back in 2020, the outlet claimed Kotb’s then-fiance was thinking about calling off their wedding because he had “cold feet.” Of course, we know the didn’t really call off their wedding until this year. Then the magazine reported Kathie Lee Gifford was threatening to take Jenna Bush’s job on the show. The publication even alleged Kotb was “icing out” Gifford. Clearly, the Globe doesn’t really have any insight into the cast’s personal lives.

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