Hoda Kotb Allowedly Headed For ‘Today’You should leave after personal developments, rumor sayings


It is Hoda KotbReady to say goodbye? Today show? According to one tabloid, the beloved anchor is leaving. Let’s check in on Kotb’s plans.

‘Today’Is it taking too much time?

This week, National EnquirerHoda is fed up with giving the news, reports Hoda. Today show her all, and she’s getting ready to retire. Kotb, who has worked on the series since 2007, says that it is losing its appeal. So, once her contract is up, she’s apparently planning to jump ship. “After breaking off her engagement with Joel Schiffman, Hoda has been reconsidering what she wants to do with her life,”An insider’s view. “Getting up at 3:30 a.m. every day and going to bed at 9 p.m. just isn’t working for her anymore.”

Is Hoda Kotb Planning To Leave ‘Today’?

We don’t know if Hoda Khotb plans to abandon the Today show. There are many reasons for her to change directions. Kotb is a network veteran for over 20-years and has seen many of their colleagues leave. Kathie Lee, Kotb’s best friend and cohost, has left. Today Kotb began working on the show several years ago. So, it wouldn’t be outrageous for her to consider walking.

But we can’t just sit here and speculate if she’s leaving the show without explaining her reasons to stay. We aren’t buying the outlet’s story just yet because it’s clear that Kotb loves what she does. Most recently, Kotb’s job took her to the Netherlands to report on Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, and it truly looks like she had a blast.

The Magazine on Hoda Kotb

This story is a doubtful one. National Enquirer‘s past reporting on the anchor. According to a series of other reports on Kotb, it isn’t exhaustion that’s pushing her out of the job; it’s her co-host Savannah Guthrie. The outlet reported Guthrie as being in February. “constantly bad-mouthing”Kotb and pushing Kotb to leave the show.

The outlet also claimed that Kotb and Guthrie had been repeatedly at odds on the show, causing tension behind the scenes. The outlet also claimed that Guthrie drove Kotb away from the show due to her controlling behavior. Funny thing is, none of these reports proved to be true. Since the magazine clearly didn’t have insight into Kotb’s career before, we just have no reason to believe that anything has changed.

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