Hoda Kotb shares a heart-breaking favor her daughter asked before work


Hoda KotbDoes it all? From appearing on the Today ShowFrom hosting a podcast, to writing bestselling novels. She is also a mother to two beautiful little girls and recently shared her thoughts on a “magical”moment she shared with her daughter Haley. 

Kotb shares an early morning moment with Haley

“Can I tell you the cutest thing that happened this morning?” Kotb asked co-host Jenna Bush Hager. “I’m getting up, and it’s 3:45. I’ve taken my shower, I’m in the bathroom, and I hear these little feet behind me, and I turn around and there’s Haley.”Kotb adopted Haley and her second child, Hope, in 2017. 

Kotb continued, “She’s looking at me, and I looked at her, and I go, ‘Good morning,’ and she goes, ‘Hi, Mama.’ I said, ‘Hi.’ She goes, ‘I’ve never done this before; seen you in the morning.’ We sat on my bed and I go, ‘This is a first, isn’t it?’ She goes, ‘Yeah. Now I can whistle, I know how to make my own eggs’—because those are the two things she learned—and she goes, ‘And now I get to see you.’”

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“Her eyes welled up; my eyes welled up,”Kotb spoke. “It was 3:45, and I looked at her and I said, ‘You just made my morning.’ I gave her a big hug and I go, ‘Let’s go, let’s go back to bed.’ So I took her back to bed.”

Reactions of fans ‘What An Extraordinary Experience’

The morning show host explained. “Sometimes when your child wakes up, your first instinct is ‘Honey, go to bed, it’s too late,’ and you don’t mean it, but it’s your first [instinct, and] I just paused for one second! This morning when I FaceTimed her—I always FaceTime the girls at, like 7:30—she goes ‘Wasn’t that magical?’”

Hager and Sheri continued to discuss how important it is to spend small moments with children. It seems that their fans were also in agreement. The comment section of the video clip was soon filled with others’ thoughts about Kotb’s story. 

“What an extraordinary experience in such a small, quiet moment to remind us parents to pause, breathe, and LISTEN to our kids before jumping to a reaction,”Someone wrote.

Another comment was made “It is all about the pauses before we react or speak. It meant a lot to [Haley] and she will always remember this [sic] times.” Kotb’s schedule might mean she doesn’t get to have as many mornings with her daughters as she might like, but the mom of two just showed that she makes the most of every moment she gets with Haley and Hope. 

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