Hoda Koutb, NBC News Correspondent, Sends a Tearful Message on-Air to Hoda Kotb of “Today” After the Unexpected Death of Her 6-Year Old Son


Richard Engel of NBC News is in mourning for Henry, his 6-year old son. The Aug. 19 episode is available on www.television.com TodayHoda Kotb and Tom Llamas, who were co-anchors, spoke out about the event. Sheinelle Jones also spoke. “heartbreaking”The news about the death of the child was shared by Engel, 48. Engel also looked back at his struggle with Rett syndrome (a rare genetic neurological disorder). Engel, 48, shared Henry’s news on Twitter. According to a Memorial Page on the website, the 6-year old died on August 9, Texas Children’s Hospital website. “We have heartbreaking news to share with you about a member of our NBC News family,”Kotb, age 58, started the segment and appeared to be fighting back tears “Henry Engel, Richard Engel and Mary Forrest’s 6-year-old son, has passed away. Henry suffered from a rare disease, it’s called Rett syndrome.”

“Over the last few years, Richard and Mary have shared their journey with our viewers to shed light on this disorder and so other struggling families with it wouldn’t feel quite so alone,”She continued. The team then played a compilation clip of Engel’s previous interviews about Henry. Kotb explained that she was sending Engel, his wife Mary and their 2-year-old boy Theo her love. “So many people watching our show see Richard standing in a very dangerous place covering something unaware that at home he was fighting what is the biggest battle,”She spoke for her colleague. “I remember Mary talking about how she was caring for him, how she would carry him in a BabyBjörn all around the house, and that’s how she went through a lot of their life.”

Llamas added: “We know that Richard is so brave, but it is so brave for [Engel and his wife] to have shared that story and that journey because there are so many other families like that. Everyone at NBC News had their head down yesterday, it was just so sad. Richard, we love you and we’re praying for you,”He concluded.