Hollie steele of Britain’s Got Talent claims that show is fixed’


An ex-contestant in Britain’s Got Talent has criticised the show, calling it “fixed” after finishing sixth.

Hollie Steel, now 23 years old, appeared in the third series. She was just 10 years of age when she first participated in the TV talent contest.

The series aired in 2009. It was known for Susan Boyle and Diversity, the dance troupe that were crowned champions.

After her performance of Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Phantom of the Opera, Hollie made it to the finals.

Her classically-singing voice was a hit with the public. Unfortunately, her performance on the semi-final of the show didn’t go as planned.

Hollie Steel claimed Eidelweiss wasn't a song she'd ever heard of before
Hollie Steel said Eidelweiss was not a song she’d heard before

The moment Hollie broke down during her performance of Eidelweiss on The Sound of Music is one viewers will always remember.

She asked Ant, Dec, if she would start the song over again.

Hollie, in a TikTok video, explained that she was prevented from singing the songs that she wanted by BGT bosses. “because they didn’t want me to win”.

Hollie continued to state that Eidelweiss was her favorite. “wasn’t a song I’d ever heard of before.”

She continued, “I wanted Nessun Dorma like an opera song like BAM, so I’m here. It was something I knew I could do, and I told them I was strong enough to sing it. [producers]It was no.

Hollie has since obtained a diploma in musical theatre
Hollie obtained a diploma as a musical theatre director.

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“They were like ‘no you can’t sing that’ and the only reason why I think they said no – because I was definitely able to sing it – was that they didn’t want me to win”.

She clarified that she broke down on the show. “wasn’t Britain’s Got Talent’s fault, they don’t fix it, but the song choices are fixed”.

Hollie did not let her experiences on the show stop her from trying to be a singer.

She self-published three albums and was Louisa von Trapp’s part in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 2011 UK tour of The Sound of Music.

Hollie has a diploma from musical theatre. She is currently playing the role of Frenchy on the cruise ship Harmony of the Seas in Grease.