Holly Hunter’s Early Red Carpet Looks Predicted These Fashion Trends


Holly Hunter has been an enduring member of the Hollywood elite, and it’s all thanks to her talents as an actress. The Saving Grace star’s presence on the red carpet is always sure to stun, and some might even say her sense of style was ahead of its time. Hunter’s progressive styles predated some of the latest and biggest trends, though she did wear one ensemble that might cause controversy if she tried to rock it today.

Holly Hunter’s Fashion Is Ahead Of Its Time

Holly Hunter is a master at red carpet fashions. She can wear both casual and designer clothes. Hunter has spent more than 40 years working in the entertainment business and knows how to put her best foot forward when walking down the red carpet. Sometimes that foot is wearing a boot rather than the more common high heel, like in Hunter’s latest trip down the iconic walkway. 

Hunter looked casual and cool while attending the event. Love is Love.Santa Monica, California, November 20, 2121. A deep blue, band collared blazer was worn over a dark grey t-shirt and dark brown jeans. You can see beneath her jeans’ hems a pair black boots. They add a touch of elegance and take this look from the supermarket aisle to the red carpet.

Hunter wore a similar, low-key ensemble almost exactly twenty years ago on the red carpet. She paired a white V-neck tee with a three-quarter sleeves and pale olive-colored pants. The best part? She wore open-toe heels and minimal accessories. While this look may seem basic, it’s pretty much the go-to style these days, right down to the sliver of belly that Hunter’s shirt leaves visible. 

Hunter: Hunter is a beacon of brilliance

Bella Hadid, a supermodel, was stunned by her new catwalk and wore two eye-catching sheer black dresses. Other actresses Like Empire star Taraji P. HensonHunter is the only person to have worn partially-sheer dresses on the red carpet. Even though all her non-essentials are covered, this gown is so sheer that you can see her navel. 

You don’t have to be dressed down, but you shouldn’t go out.

We love the outfit Hunter wore to Cannes Film Festival, while promoting her film. O Brother, Where Art Thou?. George Clooney, however, chose the traditional route and wore a dark suit. She stands next to her. Hunter, on the other hand, chose a brightly striped, short-sleeved jacket with bright orange pants. Hunter wore a pair open-toed, platform wedges to finish the look. 

Hunter’s Biggest Red Carpet No-No?

Finally, we’ve come to the look that might get Holly Hunter into trouble if she were to wear it today. Many celebrities have been accused of cultural appropriation, which has frequently been the topic of news. Although cultural appropriation has been a charge against the Kardashian/Jenner families, especially Kylie Jenner, the younger member of the family was accused of copying Black culture. 

In this photo, Hunter poses with her then-husband Janusz Kamiński while wearing a traditional Chinese formal dress. While Hunter certainly looks gorgeous, there’s been a lot of controversy attached to wearing fashions originating from other cultures, though of course there is some debate as to what constitutes cultural appropriation.

We’re absolutely not accusing Hunter of that, but we’d be willing to bet quite a lot of money that she wouldn’t repeat this look in order to avoid any possible controversy it brings about. 

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