Holly Willoughby was absent from This Morning once again due to a stomach bug that left her in the ‘proper rough’


Holly Willoughby, This Morning host, was absent for the third time in a row. Phillip Schofield explained that Holly is still recovering from an illness.

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This Morning: Phillip claims Holly had a rough time.

Holly Willoughby, who has been suffering from a stomach virus, has called in sick for The Morning the third time in a row. “proper rough”.

Josie Gibson joined Phillip Schofield, the usual host, on Thursday to help Holly, mother-of-3, at home.

Phillip stated: “Josie is here, welcome back, three days!”

Looking beautiful in an animal print dress, Josie replied: “Three days, I can’t believe it! I’m really enjoying it, I’ve had a real good time.”

“You’re brilliant, Phillip, 59, told her before adding: “Holly, it’s time to say good-bye.

“I texted her this morning and so she is much improved from her stomach bug, but still not quite there but she will be by Monday. But she’s had a proper rough time of it.”

Josie laughed: “Well, I hope so. There’s only so much I can wing it for her so hurry up and get back Holly, alright!”

Phillip shared the following message with viewers on Wednesday’s program: “I was texting Holly yesterday and apparently it is a stomach bug that is spreading everywhere. It is a two-day thing so she has lost her appetite. So it’s futile for her to come in as we have so much delicious food in today.

“Morning Hols, hope you’re alright. I’ll text you later and hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow,”The father-of-2 was added.

Holly, mother-of-3 took to her Instagram Story in an attempt to make up for her absence and to thank Josie for being there.

Holly posted a picture of Josie to the ITV show and wrote: “Thank you @josiegibson85 for saving the day yesterday… you are a dream! I’ll be back as soon as I’m in no threat of vomiting on @schofe.”

Josie, a former Big Brother star, appeared relaxed hosting the show with Phillip, 59. However she did admit she was nervous.

This Morning viewers were impressed by her presentation skills and took to Twitter for comments.

“Didn’t think Holly would be back today but have to say prefer Josie #thismorning,”One person has been posted.

Another tweet: “So lovely and refreshing seeing Josie Gibson on @thismorning #ThisMorning love you Josie you look stunning!”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub at 10am.