Hollyoaks’ most devastating deaths exposed – wedding day tragedy, explosion and murders


Hollyoaks residents are set to be shocked tonight as a body is discovered in the local woods by police.

Viewers will be left wondering who has been killed, and it seems another huge whodunnit? plot line that we have come to expect from our favourite TV soaps throughout the decades, might be on the way.

It is one of the many shocking murders in Hollyoaks village since the soap launched in 1995, with many of its long serving residents killed throughout the years.

With another discovery set to rock the village, Silver Screen Beat looks back on some of the most shocking Hollyoaks murders.

Riley Costello

Riley Costello was killed by undercover policeman Walker
Riley Costello was killed by undercover policeman Walker

Riley Costello was murdered after he was shot by undercover policeman Walker, during a showdown between him and Brendan Brady.

Riley had been on his way to confess his love for Mitzee Minniver, but she never found out that he loved her, as became caught in the middle of Walker and Brendan’s feud.

Walker fired his gun during the showdown, but the bullet intended for Brendan hit Riley instead, leaving him in a critical condition.

However he died a short time later in hospital, leaving his family devastated.

Talking about his exit from Hollyoaks, actor Rob Norbury told Digital Spy: “Obviously all good things come to an end, and I think Riley had been through quite a lot.

“The fact that he couldn’t make up his mind between Mitzeee and Mercedes was probably always going to be his downfall in the end.”

Texas Longford

Texas Longford was killed on her wedding day
Texas Longford was killed on her wedding day

Texas Longford was one of many Hollyoaks brides who died on their wedding day, after being pushed out of a window by husband to be Will Savage.

Will had previously tricked Texas into thinking that she had pushed him down the stairs, and after feeling guilty for what had happened, Texas planned to marry Will – despite being in love with his brother Dodger.

However before the big day, Texas planned to run away with Dodger, but not before Will decided to exact his revenge and murder her.

It was one of the biggest whodunnit? stories in Hollyoaks, with Will eventually revealed as Texas’s killer.

Clare Devine

Clare Devine was killed by Mercedes McQueen
Clare Devine was killed by Mercedes McQueen

Clare Devine was one of Hollyoaks’ most villainous characters, making several attempts to kill former husband Max Cunningham and taking Warren Fox hostage.

She was eventually arrested in 2009, but came back four years later, where she set up a scheme to extort money from husband Paul Browning with Mercedes McQueen.

After falling out with Mercedes, she attempted to kill her, but instead ending up murdering multiple residents in the village including Doug Carter, Leanne Kane and Ash Kane, in a plan gone wrong.

Mercedes plotted her revenge after finding out what Clare had planned to do, and instead murdered Clare by pushing her in front of a car being driven by Paul Browning in 2013.

Following Clare’s death, actress Gemma Bissex told Digital Spy: “I think at the time, Clare had had so many ups and downs.

“The character has to expire at some point — you can’t be that evil and not get your comeuppance.”

Tina McQueen

Tina McQueen was killed by secret brother Niall
Tina McQueen was killed by secret brother Niall

The McQueen family have been at the heart of some of Hollyoaks biggest storylines, including the murder of Tina McQueen.

It was revealed that Vicar Niall Rafferty was actually Tina’s brother, but he had been given up for adoption as a baby by mother Myra McQueen.

After the shock revelation, Niall kidnapped Tina and her sisters, tied them up in the local church, and set off a number of explosives inside.

The McQueen family manage to make it out of the church, but rubble falls on Tina and she is fatally wounded, confessing her love to Dominic who is holding her before she died.

Amy Barnes

Amy Barnes was killed by her husband Ryan Knight
Amy Barnes was killed by her husband Ryan Knight

It was another of Hollyoaks’ biggest whodunnit? storylines, after Amy Barnes was murdered in 2017, following her marriage to Ryan Knight.

Steve Hay was put on trial for her murder, but it was eventually revealed in a flashback scene that husband Ryan killed Amy during an altercation at their home.

Actor Duncan James who played Ryan Knight in Hollyoaks, said he was sad to learn that his character had killed Amy when he read the scripts for the first time.

He told The Mirror: “I wanted Ryan to be that good man who loved Amy and the kids. I wanted him to go to America, start a new life, leave his secrets behind and have that happy family he so desperately wanted.

“But it’s Hollyoaks so that didn’t end up happening.

“He killed her, and it’s gruesome and horrible.”

Lynsey Nolan

Lynsey Nolan was killed by Dr Browning
Lynsey Nolan was killed by Dr Browning

Viewers were devastated after fan-favourite Louise Nolan was murdered in the show by GP Dr Browning, as Hollyoaks bosses hadn’t given any hints that the character was leaving.

When Louise found out the truth about Mercedes being stabbed, she was going to expose what really happened, but Dr Browning killed Louise before she could reveal the truth to anyone.

Close friend Brendan Brady then found Louise on the sofa and thought she was asleep, before discovering that she had died.

Russ Owen

Russ was killed after his affair with Goldie McQueen was exposed
Russ was killed after his affair with Goldie McQueen was exposed

Many of Hollyoaks’ on-screen relationships have tragic endings, including the death of Russ Owens in 2018.

Only a few short weeks after he married Mercedes McQueen, he was murdered by serial killed Breda McQueen, after his affair with another member of the family was exposed.

It had been revealed that Russ was having an affair with Goldie McQueen, who then announced that she was pregnant with Russ’ child.

After Russ’ shock exit from the show, actor Stuart Manning thanked fans for their support during his time on the show in a Twitter post, saying: “It’s been an amazing three months, the best time of my life working on Hollyoaks.

“I’ve met some of the most amazing people and worked with some of the most amazing people, cast and crew.

“But now I’m gone. Russ has been killed. So I don’t know what to say, apart from thank you. I’m going to miss everyone.”

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